Father and Son on Surfboards, Trying Water Sports in Sri Lanka
Father and Son on Surfboards, Trying Water Sports in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, this magical island that rests amidst the blue waves of the Indian Ocean is certainly a popular tourist destination. In fact, the golden sandy shores, the greenery of the natural canopies that cover this island, amazing cascades, wonderful wildlife, the pleasant weather and climate, its historical grandeur, rich culture and traditions, and many other things make it a significant attraction that is second to none. However, there are certain things that travelers doubt about when choosing a travel destination. Besides, if one is planning to travel as a family the suitability of a travel destination for children undoubtedly happens as one of their major concerns. Hence, we thought of sharing with you the best things to do with children in Sri Lanka. Beyond a doubt, this read will prove how wonderful it would be for children to arrive on this splendid island!

Is Sri Lanka Child-friendly?

Of course, yes! Sri Lanka is a country that is 100% child-friendly. To be specific, the geographical features of this island, the weather, and climate, the culture and the society, and everything else is super child-friendly in Sri Lanka. 

In fact, Sri Lanka is blessed with a tropical climate, and it undoubtedly has the power of pleasing any. Hence, extremely hot days or extremely cold days are not there in this country. This makes it a perfect reason for travelers to choose Sri Lanka to travel with their children. However, the rainy seasons for different parts of the island are different. Hence, it would be better to pay attention to this fact when planning your Sri Lankan holiday. Nevertheless, Sri Lanka always has somewhere for you to visit at any time of the year. So, a little research would always help you to choose the best part to visit in Sri Lanka, during the time period that you travel. 

Further, Sri Lankan society is well-bounded with cultural and religious values. Hence, what the children would see around, experience, and learn about, won’t ever be harmful to your children. To be specific, traveling in Sri Lanka would never impact your child’s mentality in the wrong way. Hence, we can assure you that a holiday in Sri Lanka would simply offer a positive impact on your child’s life. 

Apart from all that, Sri Lanka offers plenty of amusements for any of the travelers, despite their age. So, this surely gives you a hint that there are many things for you to do with children in Sri Lanka. However, are you wondering what they are? Keep calm, the following section will provide you with a perfect overview with regard. Continue reading! 

Best Things to Do with Children in Sri Lanka

Out of the hundreds of things, we thought that the following would be the best things for you to do with children in Sri Lanka. Have a look! 

  1. Relaxing on the Shores
  2. Visiting a Turtle Hatchery
  3. Visiting Botanical Gardens
  4. Going on a Jeep Safari
  5. Enjoying Sri Lankan Festivals
  6. Experiencing Water Sports
  7. Exploring Ancient Cities
  8. Going on a Village Ride
  9. Visiting a Fishing Village
  10. Bird Watching

Need more information about these activities to plan your trip to Sri Lanka? Take it easy, because the following sections will brief you on everything that you need to know with regard! 

1. Relaxing on the Shores

The charm of the Sri Lankan shores needs no explanations. The scenery they create as the blue waves touch the golden sandy shores is that much amazing. So, if anyone longs to spend a holiday in an island nation, Sri Lanka is undoubtedly the best choice. 

Besides, relaxing on the shores is indeed one of the best things to do with children in Sri Lanka as well. While you sunbathe on the shores or sip a fresh fruit juice while reading a book, the kids have ample opportunities to enjoy on the sands. Making sandcastles, collecting seashells, or playing with their siblings on the beach will surely keep them engaged, and amused. Shores around Galle, Matara, Trincomalee, Jaffna, and Negombo would be perfect choices with regard. 

However, it is always better to keep them accompanied if they are to play with the waves of the sea because not all the shores are suitable for water activities. If you are planning to have your kids play in the sea, make sure to choose a shore with lifeguards. They will surely guide you with the water activities and the areas suitable since the weather during certain periods can cause strong waves. However it is, relaxing on the shores would surely be a wonderful activity for you to do on this splendid island, along with your kids! 

2. Visiting a Turtle Hatchery

Visiting a turtle hatchery in Sri Lanka would surely be a unique experience for you, as well as for your children. As you might already know, turtle hatcheries in Sri Lanka collect turtle eggs, protect them, and then release the baby turtles into the sea when they are fit to survive themselves. So, if you visit a turtle hatchery with your kids, they too will be able to observe how the turtle eggs are protected, hold a few baby turtles in their hands, and then release a few to the waters as well. 

Besides, these centers look after the injured turtles. They have separate ponds for the injured turtles, and the staff members there would feed them and treat them with love and care. Owing to this reason, many of the turtle hatcheries would create opportunities to observe a few endangered turtle species as well. Observing turtles of different sizes, and shades will surely amuse the little kids. Further, posing for photographs with them will also delight the kids for sure. So, owing to all these reasons, we can assure you that visiting a turtle hatchery would be one of the best things for you to do with your children, while in Sri Lanka. There are several turtle hatcheries in the Southern Province of the country, especially around Galle, Hikkaduwa, and Matara areas. 

3. Visiting Botanical Gardens

Sri Lanka is simply a land of charms. Besides, the botanical gardens on this splendid island further magnify the beauty of this tourist destination. However, it is not a secret that the children love to explore nature and to spend time appreciating the vibrant splendors of the environment. Hence, we would suggest to you that visiting one of the alluring botanical gardens would be one of the best things for you to do with children, while in Sri Lanka. 

There are six botanical gardens in Sri Lanka located in different areas of the country. They are as follows. 

  1. Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya
  2. Hakgala Botanical Garden in Nuwara Eliya
  3. Seethawaka Botanical Garden in Awissawella
  4. Henarathgoda Botanical Garden in Gampaha
  5. Mirijjawila Botanical Garden in Hambantota
  6. Dry Zone Botanical Garden in Hambantota

All these botanical gardens create breathtaking sceneries along with the colorful shades of blossoms, wonderful verdant landscapes, as well as with huge majestical trees that stand strong. Further, they are home to an extensive collection of plants that include endemics as well. All these things together create some of the best views that anyone can ever imagine. So, the kids are sure to explore their bliss and enjoy the delight. Thus, if you are ever planning to arrive in Sri Lanka with your children, make sure that you visit a botanical garden with them to grab the best out of your stay on this island.

4. Going on a Jeep Safari

This splendid island of Sri Lanka is home to an extensive range of wildlife. Elephants, sloth bears, leopards, reptiles, deers, birds, and many other animals can be easily seen in any of the wildlife sanctuaries, or national parks in Sri Lanka. However, going on a jeep safari would be the best to observe them up close and personal. So, going on a jeep safari, and observing the lives of these amazing wildlife would surely be an interesting activity for your children as well. 

The best places for jeep safaris in Sri Lanka are as follows. 

There are different packages for game drives, and you can choose a package that suits your requirements. The cost of packages differs depending on the time duration, the number of team members, and the additional services offered. However, make sure to check whether your service providers allow children to take part in these game drives because some do not allow children below a certain age limit to join these game drives. Still, if your children really love observing animals, going on a jeep safari would surely delight them beyond a doubt. So, going on a jeep safari is indeed one of the best things for you to do with children in Sri Lanka. 

By chance, if you do not like the idea of going on a jeep safari, but still need your kids to create an opportunity to observe the wildlife,  you can hike Horton Plains or Sinharaja Forest. Apart from that, visiting Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage would be an ideal choice to observe the life of elephants, to feed them, and to capture some wonderful shots with them. So, Sri Lanka has several options to observe the wildlife, and the choice is yours!

5. Enjoying Sri Lankan Festivals

Simply, Sri Lanka is a land of festivals. The multiple ethnicities that live on this island in harmony are the main reason for this island to celebrate a number of wonderful festivals. All these festivals hold a uniqueness of their own, and a charm that is second to none. Besides, the shades they add to the cultural heritage of this beautiful country are indeed impressive. So, experiencing the delight of these festivals in Sri Lanka along with your children would surely offer them a bunch of blissful memories that they would cherish for a lifetime. Thus, beyond a doubt, we can assure you that enjoying festivals is one of the best things for you to do with children in Sri Lanka. 

Among the most wonderful festivals celebrated with much festivity in Sri Lanka, the following are significant highlights.

Almost all of these festivals are colorful, and interesting owing to their unique features. However, one of the significant aspects of Sri Lankan festivals is the way they bring out the true meaning of living in harmony. In fact, not only one specific ethnicity celebrates the festivals related to their religion, but also other communities join hands with them to celebrate the delight of those festivals. Owing to this reason, the whole country would be glamorous during each of these festival seasons, and the kids would surely be delighted to experience this happiness and excitement!

6. Experiencing Water Sports

Sri Lanka being an island surrounded by the mighty blue waves offers plenty of opportunities for water sports. Of course, all these water sports are not appropriate for kids owing to safety concerns. Still, there are a few water sports that are suitable for kids as well. 

Water Sports like boat riding, swimming in a pool, or dolphin/whale watching are certainly suitable for kids of any age. Still, make sure an elder family member accompanies them as they enjoy themselves. However, if your children are a bit grown-up, and if they wish to train and practice water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, jet-skiing, scuba diving, or anything of that sort, make sure that a lifeguard is around. Moreover, a discussion with a lifeguard will help you choose the best locations for your children to enjoy a specific water sport. Besides, it is always better not to allow children to engage in watersports if the weather seems to be a bit rough. Water sports is always something exciting, and fun for your children, but make sure that their safety is your foremost concern! 

7. Exploring Ancient Cities 

Ás you might already know, this marvelous island boasts a wonderful history that spans nearly 3000 years. Sri Lanka has passed several milestones in its journey so far, and the kingdom period, as well as the era of colonization, are significant among them. Hence, there are many and more interesting cities that still reveal the grandeur of this majestical past. Besides, these cities house a good number of religious and cultural attractions, as well as historical monuments and ruins. Observing them indeed happens to be a unique experience. So, we suggest that this would be one of the wonderful things to do with your children in Sri Lanka. 

Some of the ancient cities that remain significant owing to their historical values are as follows. 

Most of these places house several UNESCO world heritage sites as well. So, exploring them would certainly offer you a pleasant experience like no other. 

Meanwhile, there is a small reminder for you as well! Exploring an ancient city simply means sightseeing. So, you will surely have to walk a lot, and the exploration might be a bit tiring. This is a fact that you should certainly pay attention to. In fact, accompanying your kids and sightseeing won’t be easy. Therefore, we would suggest that exploring an ancient city would be more appropriate for grown-up kids. It would surely delight them if they are fond of sightseeing, and willing to explore the Sri Lankan heritage. However, don’t forget to check our article on the Best Places to Visit with Children in Sri Lanka to get to know about some interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka! 

8. Going on a Village Tour

The diverse, yet wonderful landscapes of the Sri Lankan countryside are sure to offer you a pleasant experience. Hence, going on a village tour is also one of the best things to do with children in Sri Lanka. 

In fact, going on a village tour will offer you amazing experiences to uncover the hidden secrets of this island. And why not? Walking through the paths amidst the greenery of the paddy fields, and the chirps of the birdlife will further magnify the delight of these village walks. Besides, resting by a lake while experiencing the relaxing winds, and letting your kids play a little by the shores and the waters of the lake, would amuse you and soothe your soul beyond a doubt.

Further, as you explore the beauty and the authenticity of these wonderful villages, you might find small boutiques and stalls on your way as well. We suggest you stop by some to experience the unique flavors of Sri Lankan food and snacks. Moreover, having a chat with a few villagers while sipping a hot tea, or fresh fruit juice, will add some beautiful memories to your travel diary beyond a doubt. And one more thing! Never miss the chance to experience a bullock cart ride, while exploring the charm of Sri Lankan villages. So, all these things are sure to amuse children with unique experiences.

9. Visiting a Fishing Village

Sri Lanka being an island has plenty of opportunities for the fishing industry. Hence, many of the Sri Lankans residing in the coastal areas make their living out of fishing. Owing to this reason, many of those areas have turned into fishing villages. And believe us! The natural charm of their surroundings, sailing fishing boats amidst the blue waves, the bustling lifestyles of the fishermen, and the lively fishing stalls add a unique sense of beauty to these wonderful fishing villages. 

Besides, we assure you that an experience in a fishing village in Sri Lanka is simply incomparable to any of the visits to a fishing village in another country. Thus, your children will surely find the excitement of these fishing villages interesting. However, it is in the early morning hours and in the evening hours that these fishing villages would be the busiest.

Also, never to forget the astounding sceneries these fishing villages create, especially during the sunrise and the sunset. And why not? The children would also love to observe how the stilt fishermen do fishing. Besides, they would enjoy the opportunities that they get to capture some wonderful sceneries as well. So, considering all these things, we can guarantee you that visiting a fishing village would be one of the best things for you to do with children in Sri Lanka. 

10. Bird Watching 

Do your children love to spend time with nature? Do they enjoy observing colorful birds soaring, and the sweet chirps of them? If so, bird watching on this splendid island would be one of the perfect things for you to do with your children, here in Sri Lanka. The extensive range of endemic and migratory birds who make this island their home are sure to offer the kids a fantastic experience that they would certainly love! 

The tropical climate that this country has, and the greenery of the pleasant environment of this land make perfect conditions for several bird species to live. Besides, the love that the Sri Lankans have for nature makes the perfect freedom for birds. Further, the well-organized authoritative bodies of Sri Lanka contribute a lot to this cause as well. Thus, it is not only in the national parks, and in the bird sanctuaries that you will be able to spot beautiful birds. Even a village walk would create you opportunities to observe the birdlife up close and personal. Of course, watching these vibrant mighty creatures will surely delight your children in a way like no other.

Hence, we can assure you for sure that the fascination of bird watching in Sri Lanka is to amuse your kids, and they are to find it an amazing experience on this beautiful island. 

The Bottom Line

Of course, there are many and more things for you to do on this magical island along with your kids. So, these are a few things that we thought would be the best suggestions for you. We can promise to you that these activities would fill your kids’ holiday packs with fun and excitement while keeping their eyes amused, and souls happy. Therefore, these activities are sure to strengthen your family bonds and to help you spend some quality time at this charming holiday destination. So, if you are ever planning to arrive on this splendid island with your children, make sure you add these activities to your bucket list. Happy and Safe Travelling!