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Are you excited to travel? Willing to explore the mind-blowing beauty of countries worldwide? If so, surely, Sri Lanka should be on the top of your list. Some of you might have visited this splendid island. Some of you might be counting the days to arrive at this paradise. Meanwhile, some of you might be still wondering about the reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka. However, this pearl-shaped tiny island of Sri Lanka, surrounded by the mighty blue waves of the Indian ocean, is now one of the most significant tourist destinations in the world. Simply, this means that a majority of travelers worldwide are choosing this land as their travel destination.

Still, what has made Sri Lanka their best choice might differ from one to another. One might love the scenic golden beaches that guard Sri Lanka. The beauty of the gorgeous waterfalls that gushes water over rocky terrains amidst the greenery might attract another. Someone else might have visited Sri Lanka, owing to the pleasant weather and climate it is blessed with. And of course, some might even choose Sri Lanka, because of the ancient grandeur it holds that is second to none.

Likewise, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka. However, are you still finding reasons to visit this awe-inspiring island of Sri Lanka? Nothing to worry about! Because we are here to assist you in clearing out your doubts. Just check out the sections below, and you will be amazed at the reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka. So, ready for the delight? Here we go!

The Best 10 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

Indeed, as we always highlighted, there are several reasons for you to visit the wonderful island of Sri Lanka. Still, we just thought of picking the best out of the best. Accordingly, we sorted out the below. We are sure that many of them would make Sri Lanka the best choice for your next travel destination.

  1. Sri Lanka’s attractive goldens shores
  2. The awe-inspiring cascades in Sri Lanka
  3. The amazing wildlife in Sri Lanka
  4. Sri Lanka’s pleasant weather and climate
  5. Scenic beauty of the Sri Lankan environment
  6. The enjoyable activities and experiences in Sri Lanka
  7. The ancient grandeur and diverse culture of Sri Lanka
  8. Delicious Sri Lankan cuisine
  9. Beautiful hearts of Sri Lankans
  10. Sri Lanka being a budget-friendly backpacking destination

Any doubts? Take it easy, because we are ready to explore all these reasons in detail, one by one. Of course, all these things are just for you. So, why not join us! Let us tour around Sri Lanka together, and discover the amazing particulars of these reasons, in detail. 

Let’s explore the Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka in detail!

1. Sri Lanka’s attractive goldens shores

Sri Lanka, is an island blessed with a coastline that spreads over hundreds of miles. Still, they are just something beyond the golden sandy stretches that you just think of. Simply, these shores are some of the most attractive scenic beaches in this whole world. The sights they create as rays of sunshine glow over the blue waves, as the blue waters hit the yellow sands, along with the fringe of coconut palms that stand tall are just as amazing as ever.

Apart from that, it is not only this mind blowing beauty of these beaches that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. It is also the atmosphere that they create to enjoy your stay as per your wish. Of course, they just offer you opportunities to relax and soothe your mind, soul and body. Moreover, the playful blue waves there are perfect for a number of water activities such as snorkeling, surfing, diving, deep-fishing, and many more. Apart from that, certain areas of these beaches house some of the most significant underwater ecosystems, that would surely astonish you.      

Likewise, needless to say, Sri Lankan beaches certainly have the power of making a bunch of your dreams a reality. Moreover, a cluster of luxurious resorts, as well as budget hotels are nestled along the coastline, awaiting to serve you with best. So, what else can you ask for! Thus, this is one the best reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka. Further, we have lined you up with a few of the most attractive beaches in Sri Lanka. Make sure you have a look at them too!

Some of the Popular Beaches in Sri Lanka
  • Arugam Bay: This one of the most picturesque beaches that one could ever think of. Further, it is famous as the best surfing point on the island, and also its waves are perfect for water activities like snorkeling, diving, and wading.
  • Bentota Beach: The cluster of resorts nestled in that vicinity, make Bentota famous for a perfect weekend getaway. Moreover, its waters are ideal for a great deep-sea fishing experience.
  • Hikkaduwa Beach: Hikkaduwa, also popular as ‘Hikka’, is obviously a major tourist attraction on this island. Its waves create opportunities for a range of water activities like snorkeling, surfing, and whale watching. Also, the Hikkaduwa National Park for marine houses a marvelous underwater ecosystem taking its beauty to another level.
  • Kalpitiya Beach: It offers you an excellent spot for a perfect sun and sand holiday in this paradise. Moreover, Dolphins and Whales swimming around are prevalent in these waters, which makes it a perfect spot for dolphin and whale watching in Sri Lanka.
  • Galle Beach: Galle Beach spread around the fortified city of Galle built by the Portugues. Many choose it as a spot to enjoy the evenings, and it is also famous for snorkeling, scuba diving, and banana boat rides.

However, these are just a few of the  most wonderful beaches in Sri Lanka. Obviously, you should now be willing to visit these beaches yourself, and wondering how to choose one out of them. Keep calm! We have covered everything for you. Just check our article on ‘The Most Attractive Beaches in Sri Lanka’, to get to know everything about these wonderful shores.

2. The Awe-inspiring Cascades in Sri Lanka

Of course, Sri Lanka is home for a number of gorgeous cascades that further enhance the glamour and charm of this amazing island. Most of them are located towards the misty hills of the Central Highlands of this land. The way they shimmer and fall over the rock terrains amidst the greenery create magical sights, luring visitors from all over the world.

Specifically, Sri Lanka has got  383 recorded waterfalls as per the Central Environmental Authority of Sri lanka. Some stand significantly high, while some stand a bit short. Meanwhile, you can even spot a few waterfalls that stand as clusters, taking the beauty of that vicinity to another level. Also, all these cascades create a perfect atmosphere for the visitors to relax and soothe themselves, while keeping the environment enlivening. Some of these magnificent cascades have viewpoints by the main roads as well. Still, most of them offer nature trails, and invite the visitors for treks and hikes. Of course, some of the hikes are not that easy. Still, the views they create at the top, along with the cascades, and the greenery around, are worth every second of those hikes.

Apart from that, it is clear that there are some beautiful waterfalls that remain undiscovered, owing to their positioning in the thick wilds. However, below are some of the most popular waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Just check whether you have heard of them!

Few of the popular waterfalls in Sri Lanka
  • Bambarakanda Waterfall: This stands majestically as the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, with a height of 263 m (863 ft). It flows in charm amongst the mountains of Kalupahana, in the central highlands, in the Badulla district.
  • Diyaluma Waterfall: Diyaluma has got a fine atmosphere for a hike, and also a perfect infinity pool for a refreshing swim. It is 220 m (720 ft) in height, and happens to be the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
  • Bopath Ella: It crashes water through a narrow gap and then gradually through a widened stretch, which adds a unique beauty to its grandeur. Moreover, it is located in the Ratnapura district.
  • Devon Falls: It stands at height of 97 m, in the Nuwara Eliya district. Its fascinating beauty can be even viewed from the main road of Thalawakele to Hatton.

This is just a glimpse of the amazing waterfalls in Sri Lanka. There is certainly a lot more that you need to know about them. Simply, view our article on ‘The Most Amazing Waterfalls in Sri Lanka’. It will surely take you a tour around the enchanting cascades on this land.   

3. The Amazing Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Indeed, Sri Lanka is one of the islands that are rich with true joys of nature. Of course, mother nature has bestowed upon Sri Lanka amazing splendors, along with a range of wildlife to feel the tender love of them. So, if you are a nature lover, who enjoys experiencing untouched wildlife at its best, Sri Lanka is one of the best choices beyond words.    

There is a wide range of wildlife here in Sri Lanka, and a number of thick forests, as well as national parks that make them home. At the moment, there are around 22 such national parks on this island, where a bunch of endemic species dwells, and their contribution to the balance of this nature is just simply amazing. Moreover, the forest reserves in Sri Lanka, keep adding a different shade of beauty to this mother nature, and the variety of plantations they house, along with the various animal species are just immense.

At present, Sri Lanka is a safe home for a diverse set of wildlife, with nearly 1,860,000 ha of the land covered by forests. Further, they together house a broad range of plantations, around 148 land animals, and more than 500 colorful playful bird species. Also, Sri Lanka is home to a large number of reptiles and amphibians as well. And why not? The blue waves around the island are home to an extensive range of fish and coral species.

So, all these collectively make the significance of the wildlife of Sri Lanka second to none. Moreover, if you are wondering about where to experience the beauty of wildlife in Sri Lanka, here is the information that you were longing for. Below are some of the most attractive biodiversity hotspots in Sri Lanka.

Major Biodiversity Hotspots and National Parks in Sri Lanka.  
  • Sinharaja Rainforest: This is one of the best forestry areas in Sri Lanka, that houses a wide range of endemic flora and fauna. It also offers two significant nature trails for the visitors to enjoy the surroundings, and it was also declared as a UNESCO world heritage site owing to its significance.
  • Horton Plains: Horton Plains is popular as a site with a mind blowing surrounding, and it is also a popular hiking spot in Sri Lanka. Spreading across an area of 3,169 hectares, it makes home for an extensive range of endemic mammals, birds, and plants. Thus, considering its rich wildlife values, it was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site years back.
  • Yala National Park: This is one of the largest and the most visited nature parks in Sri Lanka. It is located in a scenic surrounding in the Hambantota district, and it harbours around 200 bird species, and 40 mammal species, and many more amphibians and reptiles.

Of course, there are many and more forest reserves and national parks in Sri Lanka. Interested to know about them? If so, just check, ‘The Beauty of the Amazing Wildlife in Sri Lanka’ article for a better overview.     

4. Sri Lanka’s pleasant weather and climate

Sri Lanka is indeed lucky to experience a pleasant weather and climate than many other countries in this world. Simply, it is this lovely weather and climate that makes Sri Lanka a year-round destination.

Owing to the location of this island, Sri Lanka is blessed with a tropical climate. Reaching none of the extremes, it remains at an average. In brief, the coastal areas are a bit warmer, and the areas towards the central highlands happen to be cooler. It is mainly the topographical features that impacts this significant climatic change, and this has indeed added a beauty to this country furthermore.  

The temperature in the coastal areas of this land ranges approximately within 28 to 32 Celsius degrees. Moreover, the temperature of the central highlands of the country is at an average of around 20 degrees Celsius. And the surprising fact is that these notable climatic changes can be experienced even within a two-hour drive on this beautiful island. Besides, Sri Lanka gets plenty of sunshine throughout the year, except for the monsoon seasons that bring rain. Moreover, different areas in this country receive rain during different times in the course of the year.

In brief, there are two main monsoon seasons and two inter-monsoonal periods. The South-Western Monsoon season gets active during the months of May to September and brings rain to the South West quarter of the country. North-Eastern Monsoon brings rain to the Northern Eastern quarter of the island, yet has considerable effects on the whole country as well. It gets active during the months of October to January.   

This is just a quick glance over the weather and climate on this splendid island. Feel free to check our article on the ‘Weather and Climate in Sri Lanka’, for a full overview. 

5. Scenic beauty of the Sri Lankan environment

By now, you should certainly know what an enchanting island Sri Lanka is. However, it is not only these golden shores, majestic cascades, and the amazing wildlife that add color to this impressive land. But also the countryside villages. Of course, there are a number of areas as such on this isle. They have a beauty of their own, that cannot be compared with another. Thus, we thought of taking you around some of these charming areas, letting you decide on what is best!

  • Ella: Located in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, Ella, is certainly one of the most elegant villages that you can ever think of. In brief, it is a mountainous area that stands amidst the mist, yet rich with lush greenery, vibrant blossoms, tea-estates, and the cascades. Of course, it is a village rich with natural beauty. Further, its relaxing and cool climate, makes millions of visitors choose Ella as their favorite destination.  
  • Nuwara Eliya: In brief, this is the coolest and the highest city in Sri Lanka, that houses the highest number of cascades on this island. Still, it is not only these waterfalls that make its beauty. But also the mountainous surroundings, tea estates, colorful flora, and greenery. Besides, it also houses the amazing Hakgala Botanical Garden. All these features together, along with its pleasant climate make Nuwara Eliya one of the most popular tourist attractions on this land.
  • Kandy: Kandy is rich with natural beauty and a relaxing climate, and is one of the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka. It houses the most sacred place of Buddhists, the temple of tooth relic. Further, the Peradeniya Botanical Garden here clearly proves the glamour and the charm of Kandy furthermore. Beauty coupled with history makes it a popular attraction in Sri Lanka.     

6. The Enjoyable Activities and Experiences in Sri Lanka

Indeed, it is not only the delighting surroundings and the pleasant climate that attracts millions of visitors to Sri Lanka, but also the interesting activities that it offers! Of course, there are many and more things for you to do in Sri Lanka, apart from enjoying its natural beauties. So, wondering what they are? Just have a look below. We have lined up a good collection of exciting and fun activities, just for you! 

  • Elephant Rides: Elephant rides are common on this island. They take you across pathways, jungles, swamps, rivers, and villages, and creates an opportunity for you to enjoy nature from a different angle. Further, elephant rides are popular in areas like Habarana, Minneriya, Kaudulla, Pinnawala, and Yala.
  • Jeep Safari: A Jeep Safari at Yala, Wilpattu, Kaudulla, Udawalawe, or at any other national park or wildlife sanctuary, would be the best for nature lovers to enjoy the wildlife up close and personal.     
  • Water Activities: The blue waves of the Indian Ocean, as well as the waters of the streams and lakes on this land, create a perfect environment for several water activities like snorkeling, surfing, canoeing, diving, white water rafting, and many more.
  •  Hikes: The mountainous surroundings, forestry areas, and the waterfalls invite visitors to amazing Hikes in Sri Lanka. Adam’s Peak, Piduranagala, Riverston, Horton Plains, and Sigiriya are some of the most popular and not-so-hard hiking spots on this land.
  • City Rides: A city ride in vibrant and picturesque Colombo or Galle, or discovering the splendor of an ancient city like Anuradhapura, or Polonnaruwa would certainly delight you.

This is just a glimpse of it. Excited to know more about them? Simply, check our article on ‘The Best Things for you to do in Sri Lanka’ for a better overview.

7. The Ancient Grandeur and Diverse Culture of Sri Lanka

Believe it or not, Sri Lanka holds a unique and proud history, with a great civilization that is second to none. As per the ‘Mahawansha’, its recorded history spans over 25 centuries, which is divided into several periods for the publication purposes. However, Sri Lanka happens to be a Buddhist country from its past. Still, its culture is now shaped with several impacts from the Portugues, Dutch, British, Indians and Arabs, due to their involvement in businesses and government, of ancient Sri Lanka.

A wonderful mix of these cultures can still be observed among the ancient cities, historical monuments, and architectures even in the present. Thus, a number of Sri Lankan cities are popular with regard. Below are some of them that attract millions.  

  • Anuradhapura: This is known as the first ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka, and it is a rewarding place to discover the significant association between this island and Buddhism. The sacred Bo Tree, known as the ‘Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya’, ancient stupas and Buddhist constructions, along with a great number of reservoirs showcases the grandeur of ancient Sri Lanka and the Buddhist culture, at its best.
  • Galle: Galle is one of the fortified cities built by the Europeans in Sri Lanka. The well preserved colonial buildings, lighthouse, and the churches, still remain the same along with the European touch, and the scenic beach along with it further enhances its splendor. Moreover, it is a world heritage site, and the largest remaining fortress built by European in Asia.
  • Jaffna: Jaffna is an ideal city in North Sri Lanka to explore the beauty of the traditions, culture, and the artistry of the Hindus. Moreover, the language, Hindu shrines, and the lifestyle of the Jaffna people, simply proves the Indian impact on Sri Lanka as well.  

8. Delicious Sri Lankan Cuisine

Are you a food lover? However, any of us would love to enjoy a dish from another country. Besides, let us guarantee you that Sri Lankan dishes are a must. Moreover, the delicious Sri Lankan cuisine gives you a perfect reason why you should visit Sri Lanka.

In brief, most of the Sri Lankan dishes have an impact on South Indian culture. Still, they hold a unique taste of their own. Most of them are cooked with coconut oil, vegetable oil, or coconut milk, and remain healthy and suitable for anyone from any corner of the world. Still, you might find them a bit spicy. But letting the cooks know about them would bring you  a fine dish that suits your tastes.

So, interested to know a bit more about these Sri Lankan dishes? Just have a look below!

  • Rice and curry: This is the main Sri Lankan meal. It comes with rice, few vegetable curries, and also a chicken, egg, or a seafood curry as per your preference.  
  • Kottu: This is so popular among the youth of Sri Lanka. It is a dish made out of godhamba roti. Moreover, you can choose your favorite out of chicken, egg, fish or cheese to be mixed with it. 
  • String Hoppers: It is made out of rice flour, and looks a bit like noodles. It is a famous option for breakfast and dinner in Sri Lanka, and is best with a spicy curry, or a ‘pol sambal’.
  • Milk Rice: This is an indispensable Sri Lankan cuisine on special occasions and celebrations. It is made out of rice, and coconut milk, and is ideal with honey, chilli or a spicy curry.

Also, just check our article on ‘Backpacking in Sri Lanka’. It covers a whole lot more about Sri Lankan food.

9. Beautiful Hearts of Sri Lankans

Of course, we all belong to the human kind. But still, let us assure you that Sri Lankans are unique in their own way. Indeed, Sri Lankan culture and the traditions have natured them into a mankind with beautiful hearts.

Simply, they would welcome you wholeheartedly, with the genuine smiles that spread all over their faces. Next, they would serve you at their best, and befriend you throughout your holiday.  Moreover, they can even turn out to be your friends  for a lifetime. Unlike in other Asian countries, they won’t stare at you in a way that you would feel uncomfortable. Instead, they would flash an innocent smile, and even wave you wishing you all the luck. Indeed, they would respect you. They would protect you and respect your privacy as well.

Thus, it is also not the natural beauty and its grandeur that makes Sri Lanka beautiful, but also the people who live there. The true spirit of Sri Lanka can be seen in hospitality, honor, and respect.  Amidst all the circumstances, the spirit of Sri Lankans tends to be strong and hopeful. And that is what makes Sri Lanka stand among the rest.  

Surely, they have the potential of creating you a home away from home. So, this beautiful nature of the Sri Lankans should never be missed. It would certainly add more memories to your journey, making it a lifetime experience. But after all, make sure that you too respect them and value them. At least, reward them with a nice smile. Because simply, that love should be felt in heart, and accepted with respect and due care. 

10. Sri Lanka being a Budget-friendly Backpacking Destination

After all, almost all these reasons prove that Sri Lanka is one of the best backpacking destinations in this world. Still, the best thing about it is that Sri Lanka would guarantee you a budget-friendly backpacking experience. Amazing right? Anyway, wondering how true this fact is? Just have a look below. Surely, they will clear your doubts with no time, and give you more perfect reasons to visit Sri Lanka!

Public Transportation in Sri Lanka

One of the main reasons that make Sri Lanka a budget-friendly backpacking destination is its public transportation service. The Bus services and the train services are significant in this case, and the wonder is that they provide you the service just for a small fee. Moreover, these services are spread covering almost all the travel destinations, and they are convenient. Besides, you can even use a taxi or a tuk-tuk to travel along the narrow paths on which the buses are not available. However, you can easily plan budget-friendly backpacking with the public transportation services in Sri Lanka.

Accommodation in Sri Lanka

Simply, Sri Lanka offers you a wide range of accommodation choices. However, if you are planning on a budget-friendly backpacking experience, nothing to worry about. You can simply take the luxurious choices out of the list, and proceed ahead with homestays, bungalows, and villas. They tend to be much cheaper choices, yet with all the essential comforts. So, accommodation in Sri Lanka also goes along with perfect budget-friendly backpacking.  

Food in Sri Lanka

Of course, Sri Lanka covers a good range of delicious Sri Lankan cuisines, as well as International dishes. Still, let us remind you that the small restaurants, boutiques and street stalls would cater you a set of awesome dishes, coupled with love. Moreover, they are pretty much affordable than the meals at luxurious hotels. So, a simple choice of you to explore the tastes of the small restaurants, and street food, would lead you to a greater chance of paying less, and tasting more!

Willing to know more about Backpacking in Sri Lanka? Why not view our article on this regard for a perfect guide for a best backpacking experience in Sri Lanka!


Finally, we have reached the end of our journey in finding the best reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka. And above all, we also have something more to add. Have you ever come across any recommendations from the world about visiting Sri Lanka? We are sure you have. Still, let us bring to you some of such amazing instances.

  • Trip Advisor: As you might already know, Trip Advisor is one of the most popular web-based platforms that travelers frequently use. And you know what? Trip Advisor features Sri Lanka as one of their service providers. It creates opportunities for travelers all around the world to make reservations online, and to compare facilities and prices through their web page, as well as their mobile app. So, for Trip Advisor to have Sri Lanka in their list, certainly proves how significant Sri Lanka is as a tourist destination.   
  • Lonely Planet: The famous travel guide company, Lonely Planet nominated Sri Lanka, as the best country to visit in the year 2019. Accordingly, Lonely Planet features the significance of Sri Lanka such as efficient transport links, and hotels all around the country. Further, they also organize many activities and events making millions of visitors choose Sri Lanka. So, after all, Sri Lanka being able to secure a notable place in a platform as such is certainly a win for its tourism industry.

Again and again, all these factors keep giving enough and more reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka. Moreover, Sri Lanka is awaiting to welcome you with happy hearts, and to make your visit a lifetime experience. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you visit Sri Lanka, and enjoy its splendours and wonders all by yourself!