A foreign girl dressed as Santa giving a gift box to a Sri Lankan man revealing the Delight of the Blissful Christmas in Sri Lanka!
Sharing the delight of the blissful Christmas in Sri Lanka!

Indeed, Sri Lanka is a year-round destination. Yet, what about choosing Sri Lanka for a Christmas getaway? Believe us, it would be one of the most magical experiences that you can ever imagine! Yes, Christmas in Sri Lanka is that great and amusing. The joy and happiness it brings out,  the spirit that enlivens the dazzling streets, the harmonious carols and the echoes of the bells ringing, and what so not? Yes, all of them together, create a joyous festive season on the splendid island. Besides, its delight is worth exploring! Thus, we thought of sharing with you the amaze of this fabulous festive season through this read! Excited, isn’t it? Continue reading! 

When does Sri Lanka celebrate Christmas?

Similarly to other countries, Sri Lanka celebrates Christmas on 25th December, each year commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ . Even though Christmas falls at the end of the month of December, the preparations begin a few weeks earlier. Further, the celebrations begin with Christmas Eve, on 24th December, annually. 

History of Christmas in Sri Lanka

The history of Christmas in Sri Lanka runs back to the period between 16th to 18th century. As you might already know, Sri Lanka was popular for foreign trade back then. Owing to this reason, traders from various countries arrived in Sri Lanka, and some of them never left back. There were Catholics, and Christians among them, and they used to celebrate Christmas. Later, with the Colonizations in the History of Sri Lanka, the Catholics and the Christians on the island increased. The branches of these religions established duly, and chapels came up. Likewise, with the establishment of the religion, the Christmas celebrations that were traditional turned out to be more glamorous, and delighting. Moreover, Christmas in Sri Lanka is now celebrated with high festivity on a grand scale. 

How do They Celebrate Christmas in Sri Lanka? 

Not only Catholics, and Christians, but also other communities join hands in bringing out the happiness and joys of this wonderful season of Christmas in Sri Lanka. Simply, it is from the beginning of December that Sri Lankans look forward to welcoming this joyous season with much excitement and anticipation. Accordingly, they clean and colour wash their houses, stitch or buy new clothes, prepare Christmas food, and even decorate their houses beforehand. Besides, the real religious celebration begins with Christmas eve. The following briefs would further enlighten you with the highlights of the Christmas celebrations in Sri Lanka. 

Holy Mass in the Christmas Eve

The midnight Christmas Holy Mass takes place at almost each and every church island wide. It starts at 11.30 p.m on 24th of December, and continues till the dawn of Christmas day. The Catholics and Christians dress elegantly in their new dresses, and join this Holy mass. The Holy mass blesses the devotees and they also sing carols, offer prayers to the divine, and wish each other at the Church. And indeed, there is no doubt that this Holy Mass provides the community the best way to kick start their Christmas festivities.

Christmas Parties and Family Gatherings

Giving and sharing is a significant aspect of the delightful Christmas festival. Thus, Christians make it an opportunity to visit their relations, and friends, and to host Christmas parties. They wish each other, exchange gifts, and share the happiness and joy. And why not, while the families look forward to merry, the children eagerly look forward to receiving gifts from their loved ones, as well as from Santa Claus!  

Christmas Food in Sri Lanka

Of course, food culture in Sri Lanka is simply a fascination. Moreover, Christmas without Christmas food is like rain without hues. Yes, the mouth watering delicacy of the astounding Christmas food holds that much of a significance in this festive season, as well as among cultural food items in Sri Lanka. Christians and Catholics not only prepare a Christmas table with these wonderful foods, but also share with them the relations, friends, and neighbours, bringing out the true joys of Christmas. You can find below some of the most popular Christmas food items that would enthral your taste buds. 

Christmas Cake

The concept of a cake might be universal. Yet, Sri Lankans have been able to come up with a Christmas cake with the exclusivity of the Sri Lankan style. It is a cake with chopped fruits, and many other ingredients, and getting this delicious cake right, is just like a rich, sumptuous dream coming true. Different families have varying secret recipes to get this Christmas cake amazing. However, whatever the recipe followed, Christmas cake happens to be one of the best from Sri Lanka, that offers a perfect blend of amusing flavours.   

Bibikkan (Sri Lankan Coconut Cake)

Indeed, one of the richest Christmas dishes, coming to the table with delighting flavours of kithul jaggery, coconut, cashews, and spices. Looks brownish, and spongy, and its uniqueness simply makes it a fine Sri Lankan retreat, that amazes any. 

Christmas Cookies

Of course, one of the favourites among the kids, during the Christmas season. They are crispy in nature, and pretty in looks. Coming in various shapes and designs, they never fail to enthral any during this wonderful Christmas season. And why not? Kids even never forget to hang a few of them in the Christmas trees. 

Christmas Main Meal

Christmas sweet meats and snacks are mostly followed by a lavish spread lunch and dinner. The dishes that accompany the main meal might differ according to varying preferences. Yet, most families would choose a menu with yellow  rice, fried eggplant curry, a cashew nut curry, fish or chicken roast, etc.    

Sri Lanka Christmas Decorations

Simply, Christmas decorations are indeed a main aspect that further enhances the brilliance of this wonderful festive season. The main attraction of the festival that allures any is indeed the vibrant Christmas trees. Going beyond, the streets, public places, as well as houses would be adorned with the vibrant illuminations. Of course, all these dazzles together offer one the perfect Christmas feeling, making it one of the most impressive festivals on this island throughout. 

Christmas Carol Service

Coinciding with Christmas celebrations Christmas Carol services bring out the very essence of this festive season. Institutions, societes, companies, and many other groups island wide organize Christmas Carol services. Some are performances on stage, and some are street Carols. Whatever it is, the way they alight the Christmas spirit with the harmonious rhythms is indeed impressive. And thus, Christmas Carol services in Sri Lanka simply turns out to be an attraction that further enhances the glamour of this Christmas festival. 

Helping the Needy

While enjoying the charm and elegance of this wonderful Christmas, Catholics and Christians, also never forget to bring out the true values of the season. Thus, they share food and gifts with the needy, and create opportunities for unprivileged groups in the society to celebrate this festival season as well. 

Is December a Good Time to Visit Sri Lanka?

Simply, yes! If you read our article up to now, all the above briefs might have proved you this fact by now. However, if you are eager to experience the wonder of a tropical Christmas, we would promise you that there is no other best option than Sri Lanka, for you to visit in December. 

The welcoming hearts of the Sri Lankans, coupled with the delight of the glamorous Christmas festivity on this island, would offer you one of the most memorable experiences in December. And why not? Choose a few significant attractions on this wonderful island, and visit them. And meanwhile, never forget to visit a few hotels and restaurants around. Of course, you would be further amazed with their special Christmas dishes, and also with the astounding decorations that they have for you!

What’s the Weather like in Sri Lanka in December? 

Weather in Sri Lanka in December is simply perfect. The average temperature around Colombo would be 27 Degrees Celsius. Moreover, the average temperature around Nuwara-Eliya, the chilly Central Highlands would be around 15 Degrees Celsius approximately. Surroundings would be relaxing with less heat, and thus, we assure you that Sri Lanka has a pleasant climate in the month of December.

Yet, since Sri Lanka is an island, with significant climatic changes even within 2 hour drives, you always have the chances of choosing a warmer or a chilly area that suits your preferences even in December. So, nothing to worry about, all these things, together with the delight of the amusing Christmas in Sri Lanka, makes December, one of the best times for you to visit Sri Lanka.  

Yet, if you need to confirm the weather condition in Sri Lanka, before your visit, simply check the official website of the Department of Meteorology, Sri Lanka for an accurate weather forecast.

The Bottom Line

Sri Lanka is a magical paradise. Yet, the true joys of Christmas makes Sri Lanka more delightful and amusing during the season of Christmas. Only 7% of Sri Lankans are Catholics, and Christians. Still, the spirit of Christmas from the point of preparations, never makes the festivity of this wonderful island any less. Further, how the other communities from varying ethnicities, and religions in Sri Lanka, join hands with the celebrations, simply reveals the harmonious entanglement of the Sri Lankans. Hence Christmas in Sri Lanka is second to none due to the true essence of values that it brings out. Christmas in Sri Lanka is second to none, due to the glamour and delight it offers. And yes, Christmas in Sri Lanka is simply a festival that should never be missed! 

So, why not? If you are ever planning to backpack on this island, consider selecting December. Christmas in Sri Lanka, will surely delight you with the best experience ever. Happy and Safe Travelling!