A lake flowing through the verdant mountainous surroundings of the beautiful Seethawaka Botanical Garden in Sri Lanka!
The Astonishing Beauty of the Seethawaka Botanical Garden in Sri Lanka!

It is no secret that Sri Lanka’s calming and luscious greenery with breathtaking views of spectacular colours, and landscaping welcome thousands of visitors each year. Indeed, this splendid island provides that sort of a destination for those who seek an escape from their cumbersome lifestyles. Thus, many choose Sri Lanka to spend their leisure with their dearest. However, for transferring the immeasurable value of Sri Lanka’s flora and fauna to future generations, five elegant botanical gardens are declared in Sri Lanka. Of course, all of them are perfect places for nature lovers to visit. However, among them, the Seethawaka Botanical Garden is a highlight.

It has won the reputation of both local and foreign nature lovers as a beauty attraction, as well as a decent place to have quality leisure time with family. Thus, we thought of sharing its delight with you. So, why not? Let’s start our journey to Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Gardens in Sri Lanka!

Where is Seethawaka Botanical Garden Located?

Seethawaka Botanic Garden is located in Avissawella, which is a suburban area of the Colombo district. Geographically, this area belongs to the wet zone of Sri Lanka, as denoted by its name as well. However, the garden spreads over 106 acres of land at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level.

How can I go to Seethawaka Botanical Garden?

Reaching this wonderful botanical garden is never an issue. If you are aiming at public transportation, you can use both the bus service and the train service. However, the best is to reach Nittambuwa either way and then to take a taxi from Nittambuwa to the botanical garden. You’ll reach there following a 12 minutes ride from Puwakpitiya junction on A4 – Colombo Avissawella High-level road via Puwakpitiya -Thummodara main road.  And yes, to make it easier, and to highlight another attraction which is adjacent to this place, let us mention that it is close by to the Indikada Mukalana Forest Reserve at Avissawella as well. 

History of the Botanical Garden

This enchanting green space was initially used for tea and rubber plantations but later was abandoned. In 2008, the construction of Seethawaka Botanical Garden commenced. Then, the authorities opened it to the general public in late October 2014. Progressing to promote the improvement of exporting floriculture, ex-situ conservation of wet lowland plants, and bamboo cultivation are among the objectives that led to its implementation. However, the garden is now under the authority of the Sri Lankan Department of Botanical Garden.

Importance of Seethawaka Botanical Garden

Seethawaka Botanic Garden is mainly a research and conservation space for threatened and vulnerable endemic plant species in the Sinharaja Rain Forest region. Further, this garden functions as a premier research space for different universities around the country. Such a recent study based on the Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Gardens and adjacent Indikadamukalana Forest Reserve discovered the existence of a rich butterfly fauna, emphasizing their contribution towards the conservation of biodiversity. That research recorded seventy-nine species of butterflies from six families from both areas; a remarkable observation compared to typical botanic gardens and forest reserves in the world. 

Also, another significant feature you won’t find in most conventional botanical gardens in Sri Lanka like Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya or Hakgala is the predominant composition of plants rather than flowers. Still, it has become a significant feature of the Seethawaka wet zone botanic garden. Such uniqueness is further magnified with the beautiful stream flows through the garden, which sustains the existence of the highly-threatened wet lowland forest flora for future generations. Besides, you can feel so bonded with nature stimulated with the cool temperature mainly caused by the ample Kumbuk foliage throughout the garden. Recently, lots of new plants were added to Seethawaka Botanical Garden. Thus, in the future, you’ll see them grown and adding beauty to the surrounding when their time comes. However, the Seethawaka Botanic Garden is considered the most recently declared botanical garden in Sri Lanka.

The Beauty of the Garden

You can easily visualize in your mind that clam greenery surrounded by a mountainous environment, with the mild breeze flowing touching your skin. Plus, the surrounding voices of birds chirping, a slight movement of tree leaves, and flowing of water… Can you imagine how serene your mind can become? 

Indeed, that’s the inner peace you’ll witness once you are in the middle of this heavenly garden. With such amazing landscaping, this botanical garden encourages visitors to roam around. Besides, by chance, if the visitors are unable to walk around, they can use the golf cart service, that runs as a paid service at affordable rates. And yes, even that experience might turn one’s visit to Seethawaka Botanical Gaden unforgettable. 

Moreover, the separate sections of the garden such as the Rose garden, Herbal garden, and Fruit garden will always stop you from passing. Going beyond, they will surely embrace your mind to be with them forever. The Interior landscape has elegantly been designed with nicely paved walking paths directing to the summit of the park at which you can relax a bit and observe the garden below and the mountainous surroundings.

Moreover, small children are the ones who mostly enjoy the marvellous natural settings out there. Going beyond, they can make it an opportunity to get familiarized with mother nature by identifying lots of trees and plants. The tags on the plants and trees, that can be easily read makes this task easier.  

Things to do at Seethawaka Botanical Garden

Of course, the beauty of Seethawaka Botanical Garden is simply impressive. And yes, you have many wonderful things to do on this amazing premise. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Relaxing, and Enjoying the Nature
  2. Bird Watching
  3. Swan Boat Riding
  4. Photography

The following briefs would further enlighten you about these activities.

1. Relaxing, and Enjoying the Nature

Of course, this is something that need not mention! Having admired the charm of this astounding botanical garden, you surely know that enjoying the serenity and the charm of this attraction is indeed an obvious thing to do on this land as a visitor, or a nature lover.

So, without further exaggerations on it, let us move on to the other activities that you can enjoy out there!

2. Bird Watching at Seethawaka

One interesting thing that can be done in this wonderful garden is bird watching. Noticeably for the residents of the Colombo area, it is very difficult to find such a good place to hang out with family and friends and especially for young couples to have some quality free time while bird watching. Hence, bird watching at Seethawaka Botanical garden happens to be a popular choice of many. 

3. Swan Boat Riding

Apart from that, once you go there, you can also enjoy a swan boat ride at the lake flowing across the gardens. You will have to pay an extra amount to enjoy this wonderful activity. Yet, it would be an activity worth experiencing. A guide will instruct you how to ride, and further, he will also provide you with safety jackets. So, nothing to worry about the safety. All you have to do is to paddle the boat with your partner and enjoy the activity while observing the spectacular scenery around.

4. Photography at the Botanical Garden

The breathtaking landscapes, the colourful shades of flora amidst the greenery, the rhythmically flowing streams and everything else out there, create perfect opportunities for you to capture some amazing shots. Still, if you are planning on a private photo shoot or a photography/videography project for a commercial purpose, you will first have to get permission from the management of the garden. Based on your purpose, you might have to make a payment to get the permission. However, the locations you find there at the garden are picture-perfect, and has the power of amazing any!

Opening Hours, Ticket Fees, and Additional Services

The Seethawaka Botanical Garden is open daily from 7:30 am to 5 pm. At the moment of bringing this information to you, the ticket price for locals is LKR 50, and LKR 1100 for a foreigner. Still, it is important to note that these ticket prices may vary depending on several reasons.

Besides, the management of the park provides you with ample space for parking. So, parking your vehicle won’t be a burden for you. Also, there is a cafeteria for the visitors, from where they can buy snacks. The visitors can also get lunch from the cafeteria. Still, they have to place an order in the morning itself.

Other Significant Attractions around the Botanical Garden

It is obvious that you have now thought of paying a visit to Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Garden to witness its greenery greatness by yourself. And, you’ll be amazed if we mention that there are more stunning destinations that you can add to your site list located close by. And yes, doing so will further enhance the delight of your visit to Seethawaka Botanical Garden. 

  • Kumari Ella
  • Ranmudu Ella
  • Ella Uda Ella
  • Hewainna Waterfall
  • Kalatuwawa Reservoir
  • Dambora Ella
  • Labugama – kalatuwawa Forest
  • Reserve
  • Labugama Reservoir
  • Madakada Aranya Senasanaya
  • Seethawaka Berendy Kovil
  • Hora Forest Reservation
  • National Telecommunication
  • Museum

You can visit the above whole list within a two-three days journey. Further, it is pretty obvious that you’d think of coming back once you witness these marvellous creations of nature with your naked eye.

Other Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka

Inheriting the blessing of mother nature, Sri Lanka possesses a wide range of different species of plants spread over the country. For transferring their immeasurable value to future generations, five elegant botanical gardens are declared in Sri Lanka. So, you have nothing to worry about at all, if Seethawaka Botanical Garden is not in the area that you are planning to visit on this island. The following botanical gardens in Sri Lanka will also surprise with you their astonishing beauty. So, you can choose one of them to visit at your convenience!

Our linked articles on each of these Botanical Garden will provide you with a full overview of their amusement, and their significance. So, simply check them out, for further information.

The Bottom Line

If you went through this whole read, we are sure that you got enough and more reasons to visit this wonderful attraction. With a higher degree of easy accessibility and being an ideal place in the suburbs of Colombo, Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Garden provide a perfect wetland experience for any nature lover. Thus, you might be counting days to arrive at this beauty. And yes, we would suggest that visiting this botanical garden is indeed a must. So, why not? Visit it yourself, and feel the delight. Happy and Safe travelling!