There is no secret about Sri Lanka’s wonders. Simply, they have made this island a significant tourist attraction. However, the global pandemic situation impacted Sri Lanka tourism at a high scale. Yet, it gave Sri Lanka a space to forge its industry better and stronger. Accordingly, the Sri Lanka government, together with the authorities in the field, is now taking steps to create a new era for tourism. Of course, Sri Lanka is rethinking their strategies. It uplifts local businesses. It comes up with innovations. And going beyond, it successfully tries out various wonderful initiatives as well. ‘Couch Safari – Sri Lanka Tourism’s Virtual Adventure’ is such an initiative that has attracted several thousand within a span of a short time period.

Ms. Kimarli Fernando, the Chairperson of Sri Lanka tourism, reveals that it is now gaining popularity among International Tourists as well.  Indeed, it is interesting! So, why not? Let us get to know more about it!

What is ‘Couch Safari – Sri Lanka Tourism’s Virtual Adventure’?

As you might already know many tourists visit Sri Lanka to explore its amazing wildlife. Yet, it is a well-known fact that 2020 was not a good year for Tourism as a whole. Considering this situation, Sri Lanka Tourism initiated a concept of live-streaming wild safaris. In a world where everything seems to be digitized, isn’t it a good idea? However, the first episodes of Couch Safari covered Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks. And the interesting fact is, they have reached over 100,000 impressions on social media. Moreover, nearly 800 comments have appreciated this virtual journey. So, all these interactions simply reveal the delight of this wonderful concept. 

Further, Couch Safari overrides the typical practices of live streaming only through Facebook and Youtube. It is true that social media platforms offer an appreciable wide reach. Yet, going beyond, Couch Safari goes out to the world through streaming channels such as Roku TV, Periscope, and Apple TV as well. Owing to this fact, it has attracted a good bunch of enthusiasts within a short time period. And the interesting fact is, its fan base consists of both domestic travelers and overseas travelers. 

The Chairperson of Sri Lanka tourism, sharing her thoughts reveals that user engagement with this program is really high. Moreover, she points out that this clearly shows the global demand for the amazing wildlife in Sri Lanka. In addition, she also highlights that this urges them to globally promote Sri Lanka’s wildlife more and more. Meanwhile, she requests Sri Lankans to share this link with their overseas connections to further enhance its reach. Also, she especially thanked the Wildlife Department, Archeology Department, CCF, Civil Aviation, Defense Secretary, and the Police for their valuable contributions in making Sri Lanka tourism projects a success. 

What does ‘Couch Safari’ really feature?

While taking the beauty of wildlife to the viewer’s living room, Couch Safari makes sure that nothing is missed. The team behind these live streams are up close and personal to the residents of these wildlife hotspots. They spend a few days around these wilds to capture the best for you. So, whatever the thrill and excitement that they face while on the journey, they will bring it to you. 

Further, the Couch Safari team consists of experts as well. Thus, they guide the team in capturing the best out of the best. They know when to spot the majestic giants gather around the tanks. They know where to spot the Sri Lankan leopards. And why not? They also know the best times to spot the endemic species as well. It is through the expertise that they bring to you such a wonderful and mesmerizing journey around the wild. Moreover, the expert’s comments and narrations, further enhance the value of these broadcasts. Hence, Couch Safari not only soothes your soul but also enhances your knowledge with regard. 

Meanwhile, the efforts and talents of Team Couch Safari is indeed appreciable. With the support of the latest technologies, and the aerial views of the drones, they bring to you the sneak peaks of the amazing wilds in this paradise in the most perfect angles. Moreover, this show approaches your living room with all the unscripted and unexpected incidents. Hence, they indeed feature the  most stunning natural phenomena of Asia.    

The Bottom Line

Sri Lanka Tourism’s Virtual Adventure is a fascinating broadcast that unfolds the real amazing beauty of the Sri Lankan wilds. So, why not? Log on to You can simply register there, and then witness the enchantments of the Sri Lankan wild, just being on your couch itself.  Also, you can experience them on the Sri Lanka Tourism Facebook Page and YouTube channels as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go on a Couch Safari. Experience yourself the joys of the Sri Lankan wild!