The UN supports a New Era for Sri Lankan Tourism after the Coronavirus!
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As you might already know, Sri Lanka is one of the most significant tourist attractions in today’s world. Its natural wonders, deluxe of the rich culture and traditions, appealing weather, and climate kept alluring millions of tourists a year. Of course, these facets together flourished the tourism industry of Sri Lanka. It was during an era as such that the COVID-19 outbreak took place. Indeed, this global outbreak caused major impacts on all industries in the world. Duly, the tourism industry in Sri Lanka faced a significant downfall. This collapse impacted the economy of the country immensely. Therefore, the government is now setting plans to overcome these declines. Their main aim is to recover the tourism industry after the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Several countries are still maintaining cross-border transportations. Moreover, many airline services maintain strict regulations. Even Sri Lankan Airlines are maintaining a number of guidelines and travel restrictions. So, many travelers tend to postpone their plans for flying abroad. Moreover, any human would consider his health the priority. Thus, only the people with essential requirements are now flying from a country to another. In a background as such, it is impossible for the tourism industry to blossom. Hence, the government utilizes this break for plan setting. Accordingly, they work to create safer and better surroundings for tourism after the coronavirus. As a result, the Sri Lankan government is now having discussions with several parties. Of course, it is a good sign. What we are going to share with you today is such a story!   

The UN agrees to support tourism in Sri Lanka after the Coronavirus pandemic!

A special meeting took place between the United Nations (UN) and the Ministry of Tourism very recently. It was held on Wednesday, the 14th of October 2020. The discussion took place at the office of the Ministry of Tourism. Their main focus of this gathering was on improving tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, it was a bit of a lengthy discussion. Both parties exchanged their ideas and plans. They also discussed demanding improvements. Above all, it brought both the parties onto the common ground with regard. And something interesting! The United Nations promised to support and prosper the corona-hit Tourism Industry of Sri Lanka. Thus, it happened to be one of the most important discussions about the progress of tourism. The UN has already set a proposal with their suggestions. It was submitted for the ministry in-line with the meeting. So, a number of those suggestions will come into action in a few months.

Who joined this discussion?

It was a meeting among a few. Ms. Hannah Singer joined this discussion from the party of the United Nations. She is the permanent representative of the UN to Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, Mr. Prasanna Ranatunga represented the Sri Lankan government at this meeting. He is the Minister of Tourism in Sri Lanka. Apart from that, a few officials of the government also participated in this discussion. They are as follows.

  • Mr. Sarath Dash: The Head of Sri Lanka and Maldives International Organization for Migration
  • Mr. S. Hettiarachchi: The Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism, Sri Lanka
  • Mr.Madhava Devasurendra: The Secretary to the Ministry of State

They discussed the proposal that the UN submitted to the ministry. The Minister emphasized that the Tourism Development Authority is contemplating the proposal. Also, he mentioned that a special focus is set upon it when planning the future procedures. In addition, they focused on a few more special points.

What were the main focuses about prospering tourism after the Coronavirus Pandemic in Sri Lanka ?

The discussion revolved around several facts with regard. The following points highlight the special focuses.

  • Ms. Hanna Singer highlighted the fact that the UN is willing to join hands in implementing a social attraction program. It would be for the individuals who make their living through the tourism industry. In response, Mr. Prasanna Ranatunga revealed that the Sri Lankan government is setting plans with regard.   
  • The UN Sri Lanka also explained the opportunities for Sri Lanka to join with them. Partnerships and environmental sustainability projects were mainly among them. Also, Ms. Hanna Singer appreciated how the government handled the Coronavirus pandemic in Sri Lanka.
  • Minister Prasanna Ranathunga briefed that the government’s plan is to attract tourists group by group. Explaining this further, he also brought up the point that all the future plans for tourism are set considering the health measures. 
  • Both parties paid attention to the immense contribution of various authorities in the field of Tourism. Duly, they appreciated the noteworthy services of the International Labor Organization and the International Organization for Migration. 

Of course, this is a time with heightened uncertainty. Moreover, the Sri Lankan government does its best to avoid the third wave of Coronavirus as well. Meanwhile, it strives to prosper the tourism industry. Thus, recovering the tourism industry is surely a tremendous task. Indeed, it is a challenge to work for it amongst the pandemic travel trends. So, support from external parties is essential in times as such. Hence, we should obviously appreciate the support of the United Nations at this moment. Indeed, it is a strength. With all these support and blessings, let us hope that the tourism industry in Sri Lanka blossoms soon!