Casino in Colombo, an urbanization, commercialization, and gambling hotspot in Sri Lanka

You want to visit Sri Lanka, but you are still hesitant if Sri Lanka is a perfect choice for a business enthusiast and a gambler like you? Then, this is surely going to be a must-read. It is not new to you that Sri Lanka is comparatively a small country. Besides, the country could keep its internal business affairs to a pretty good standard so far. However, as Sri Lanka has a quite critical location, international trade has been heading its list of commercial strengths for a long period of time. It is located in the center of many shipping lanes for ocean cargo vessels. Due to that reason, its supreme location gives it the natural capability to house many hotspots that are at the peak of urbanization, commercialization, and gambling.

Since Sri Lanka is a small country, it is quite convenient to get access from one urbanized area to another. Moreover, it becomes even more convenient for you as urbanized locations enriched with various businesses are located all around the territory. Almost all of those urbanized areas are commercialized; so, any such location would cater to almost all of your business needs with ease, making them reach the peak of urbanization, commercialization, and gambling.

If you are a superior businessman, gambling is no doubt gonna be one of your primary needs. Yet, you needn’t have to worry about that. There are plenty of places where you can indulge yourself in a deluxe game of gambling. Although Sri Lanka is an Asian country, it has provided that luxury. Hence, you can make yourself at home and enjoy the elite bliss of gambling even in this small Asian country. If you have the finances, that is it, and anything else would not be a problem for you at all.

Urbanization, Commercialization and Gambling hotspots in Sri Lanka

As you might already know, there is plenty of urbanization, commercialization, and gambling hotspots in Sri Lanka. What follows are some locations at which you can experience the finest urbanization, commercialization, and gambling in the country.

  1. Colombo
  2. Kandy
  3. Galle
  4. Negombo
  5. Trincomalee
  6. Jaffna

Excited to know more about them? We are sure you are. Just check the below sections and get to know about them yourself!

Urbanization, Commercialization and Gambling highlights in each city

It is fair enough for you to be anxious to get to know about the best urbanization, commercialization, and gambling highlights in Sri Lanka. Here onwards, you can read about them and know what you need to know.

1. The Vibrant City of Colombo

Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and is located on the Western coast of the country. Indeed, you might have surely heard about it, owing to its significance! Amidst its hustles and bustles, it remains a tourist attraction, that offers plenty of things to do. Meanwhile, it is only a 40 minutes drive to this vibrant city of Colombo, from the Colombo Bandaranayake International Airport. Thus, Colombo happens to be the first destination of many. Nevertheless, the majority tend to choose Colombo as their home for several days, since it is famous as one of the main urbanization, commercialization, and gambling hotspots in Sri Lanka. So, willing to know more about its highlights with regard? Take it easy! We have lined you up its significance covering every facet that you need to know! Just check the sections below.

Population of Colombo

Colombo is obviously the portal of the country to get linked to the outer world by all means. Colombo has a very high population density as this is the city to which people come from all parts of the country from the distant past for business purposes. It is usual to see very big traffic congestions in Colombo and in the suburbs of Colombo as massive crowds come to Colombo on a daily basis, each of them coming for business purposes. Anyway, even within the town of Colombo, there is considerably a vast area that is highly commercialized and urbanized. In other words, the urbanization, commercialization, and gambling options of Colombo are widespread. Thus, its key features that make it a city as such, are worth exploring!  

Economy of Colombo

You might be eager to know why Colombo has become the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. For a time that runs for more than 2000 years, international trade has been common to Colombo. The main reason for that is its ideal location in the territory of Sri Lanka to build up connections with foreign traders. To be precise, it is located on the West coast of the country. Consequently, Colombo becomes the most suitable place to interact with the East-West sea trade routes. Colombo became the capital of Sri Lanka by the British governance when it became a British colony. Later, to make administrative matters more and more convenient, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte which is adjacent to Colombo was declared the administrative capital, and Colombo was declared the commercial capital.

Moreover, you already know that Colombo holds a significant place among the urbanization, commercialization, and gambling hotspots on this island. So, let us first have a look at the vitally important places in Colombo that have a major impact on the economy of Sri Lanka.

  • Port of Colombo
  • Port City
  • World Trade Centre
  • Lotus Tower
  • Colombo City Centre

Let us now have a look at what makes them noteworthy integrants of the Sri Lankan economy.

Port of Colombo

You might definitely have heard of the Port of Colombo as one of the busiest ports in the entire world. As a matter of fact, it is not a port that was built in modern times. It was popular among foreign traders especially Chinese, Arab and Roman, even 20 centuries ago. It was a vital and critical port for the whole continent of Asia. Even now, the Port of Colombo is one of the most predominant transshipment ports in Asia.

There were a number of development projects and expansion projects for the Colombo Harbour in the recent past and because of that it has currently turned out to be one of the most efficient ports in the world. It is enriched with a lot of modern-day equipment such as quay cranes, Panamax cranes,  and gantries. Thus, it secures a very high position in the list of busiest and most efficient harbors in the world. Apparently, this is the main reason for Colombo to stand mountainous in the field of international business.

Port City 

Port City is an upcoming project which is under construction but will certainly be the most crucial urbanization, commercialization, and gambling hotspot in Sri Lanka when it is completely built. Basically, the Port City project is an extension of the business city of Colombo. Yet, it simultaneously builds up the most livable world-class city in South Asia. World-class health care services, top-rated lifestyle opportunities, and first-class entertainment facilities including gambling centers will be available in Port City. No matter how anxious you are to visit Port City, you will have to wait until its construction arrives at a completion.

World Trade Centre

The World Trade Centre in Colombo is the main business center in the area. It houses the head offices of many important business organizations of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the Colombo Stock Exchange, Securities Exchange Commission, and the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka are also located in the World Trade Centre. Hence, it is a crucial commercial landmark of the country that might probably interest you.

Lotus Tower

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you must have heard of this skyscraping edifice. It is currently the tallest self-supported structure in South Asia. Well, you might have been overwhelmed by its scenic beauty, but did you know that the Lotus Tower is going to be a crucial economic hotspot among Sri Lanka’s urbanization, commercialization, and gambling hotspots?

Yes, its main objective is to function as a radio and television broadcasting antenna. Anyway, it’s certainly going to be a bunch of tourist attractions such as telecommunication museums, restaurants, ballrooms, high-class food courts, and many more. All these amenities would soon be open to the public and you should definitely pay a visit to the Lotus Tower once it’s open no matter if you are a business enthusiast or not.

Colombo City Centre

Colombo City Centre is yet another dominant commercialization hotspot in Sri Lanka. It is located opposite Beira Lake in Colombo. Moreover, it is a multi-purpose development project in the heart of Colombo. It features about 200 luxury apartments that totally suit the modern high-class lifestyle. Its modern shopping mall houses the best local and international brands and it will provide you with a world-class restaurant experience for sure. If you choose to visit Colombo, this place must definitely be on your itinerary. Colombo City Centre is an ideal landmark for any business traveler.

Gambling in Colombo

Among all the urbanization, commercialization, and gambling hotspots in Sri Lanka, perhaps your sole interest might be gambling in casinos. Sometimes, you might have the question of if gambling is legal and allowed in Sri Lanka. Yes, there’s nothing to worry about that. Sri Lankan parliament has now passed a law that regulates gambling so that now it is legal for you to experience this elite competition.

These casinos offer you a variety of gambling games including Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and Roulette. Although there are dozens of casinos, only a few stand out among them. Further, almost all of them are in Colombo. Let’s take a look at the most visited and admired places where you can enjoy gambling in casinos in Colombo.

  • Bellagio Casino
  • Bally’s Casino
  • Casino Marina
  • Continental Club
  • Stardust Casino
  • MGM Colombo
Bellagio Casino

Bellagio Casino is located on Duplication Road, Colombo. It is currently one of the most famous and most visited casinos in Colombo. Among its nighttime gambling games, Asia Poker, Roulette, Slot, Black Jack, Baccarat are major. A specialty of Bellagio casino is that it primarily attracts a lot of middle-class customers for the casino. Further, Bellagio casino organizes a wide range of events and they have a lot of promotions throughout the year. It is notable that they also pay a very high winning percentage. Apart from this information, if you are still eager to know more about Bellagio Casino, you can visit the casino’s official website and get to know their options better.

Bally’s Casino

Bally’s Casino is the largest casino in Colombo and also it is one of the oldest and the most luxurious. It is located behind the Fort Railway Station. It is significant to note that Bally’s Casino treats its customers with complimentary drinks and snacks. Another admirable feature of Bally’s Casino is that its spa is open 24/7 except on Full Moon Poya days. Furthermore, it also includes a high-profile VIP area, a top-rated bar, a restaurant, and glamorous entertainment segments every night.

If visiting Bally’s Casino is one on your bucket list you can visit the official website of Bally’s Casino, Sri Lanka, and be profound with all you need to know.

Casino Marina

The location of Casino Marina is also significant. It is located on Marine Drive in Colombo. Thus, it has the luxury of offering you a picturesque view of the elegant Indian ocean, which is surely an alluring vision. Anyway, when compared with other casinos, Casino Marina is somewhat new to Colombo. It was opened in 2013, but since then it has received very good customer feedback. The specialty of this casino is that it has got separate floors for various types of customers for your convenience. In detail, the topmost floor is for important players whereas the next is for people who visit in groups. The next is dedicated to private parties and the last floor is for the usual card and roulette sessions.

Continental Club

Continental Club is a casino located on Galle Road, in Colombo. It has been offering its services for more than 18 years and is open 24/7. It is significant to note that Continental Club adheres to Sri Lankan values. Also, it immensely attracts both foreign and local customers to the casino. It has earned praise for its unique cuisine as well. In general, Continental Casino is also one of the finest casinos that’s worth paying a visit.

Stardust Casino

Stardust casino is another gambling hotspot in the heart of Colombo. Gambling games like roulette, rummy, blackjack, baccarat are quite popular at Stardust casino. It has also earned positive feedback from its customers.

MGM Colombo

MGM Colombo is also a popular casino spot in the city of Colombo. In addition to the gambling opportunities it offers, it provides a classy range of cuisine which has also become a reason for its popularity. Furthermore, there is a specially dedicated floor for VIP customers and there are entertainment items every night.

2. The Splendid City of Kandy

Kandy is located in the Central Province of the country, 120 km away from Colombo, and is the most important of all cities in the upcountry region. Being a scenic city with a relaxing climate, which also houses a number of religious and cultural attractions, have made it a remarkable tourist attraction on this splendid island. Moreover, the ease of transportation, from any of the major cities in Sri Lanka, makes Kandy a perfect choice for any of the travellers exploring Sri Lanka. Apart from that, this city of Kandy is an urbanization, and commercialization hotspot in Sri Lanka. So, let us now have a look at its key features with regard.

Population of Kandy

Kandy is another much-urbanized area in Sri Lanka. However, Kandy is also a city where a large population resides. As you might know, Kandy remained the last independent kingdom of Sri Lanka when other parts of the country, specifically the coastal areas were invaded by Europeans. Moreover, several ethnic groups live in this city, which is another reason for Kandy to be this urbanized. When compared with other parts of the country it had been a little hard to access Kandy in the distant past as it’s located in the countryside. Nevertheless, Kandy was the capital of Sri Lanka before the entire country was invaded; so, the population of this region started to accumulate during that period of time.

Economy of Kandy

As Kandy does not possess a coastal area, it is obvious that Kandy could hardly have first-hand international contacts. Yet, Kandy being the last capital of Sri Lanka before European invasions, the administrative functions were carried out in Kandy; so that the kingdom did have international relationships. However, in the present, the prominent economic income in Kandy is what comes from cultivations, and the tourism industry.

Tea Cultivations in Kandy

Kandy and the suburbs of Kandy are places where there are so many tea plantations. There’s no need to emphasize anything about Sri Lankan or Ceylon Tea about which you would be having a pretty good idea more than any other aspect about the country. As you may well know, Sri Lanka exports tea to a lot of major parts of the world and has gained a unique reputation. Thanks to the quality of tea grown in these parts of the country, Kandy has been able to give a valuable contribution to the economy of Sri Lanka.

Tourism Industry in Kandy

The charming beauty, coupled with the historic and cultural values of this sacred city, had made Kandy one of the main tourist attractions of the country. To be specific, the Temple of the Tooth Relic, the breathtaking views of the Peradeniya Botanical gardens, and the cool breezes there make it a perfect environment that amuses many. Apart from that, Kandy undoubtedly becomes the peak season when the glamorous Esala Perahera festival takes place there, in the month of July or August. Owing to these reasons, as well as due to the wide range of accommodation facilities, it houses, Kandy has been able to contribute immensely to the Sri Lankan economy. Moreover, Kandy City Center plays a major role in this course.

Kandy City Centre

If you hope to visit Kandy, Kandy City Centre is the best commercial shopping center that you can visit. Preserving the Kandyan architecture, Kandy City Centre has been built fully equipped with all the modern amenities a present-day shopping mall should possess. There are many restaurants at Kandy City Centre that serve you delicious Sri Lankan cuisine and there is an entertainment zone as well. So, your trip to Kandy would not be perfect without a visit to the Kandy City Centre.

3. The Scenic City of Galle

Galle is located on the South Western tip of Sri Lanka, 120 km away from Colombo. The scenic golden shores that bind this city, its cultural and religious attractions, and the grandeur it holds as the largest remaining fortress built by the European invaders in Asia, obviously make it a popular site on this wonderful island. Going beyond that, this scenic city of Galle can also be identified as a vital city for the economic development of Sri Lanka. Excited to know more about its importance as an urbanization and commercial hotspot on this isle? The below sections would help you get to know about its significance at its best.  

Population of Galle

It was rich with a natural harbor; so that, even before the arrival of the Portuguese, Galle was the main port of the country. Because of these financial reasons, there were many people residing in Galle from the past. Even now, there is a high population density in this part of the country.

Economy of Galle

Quite obviously, Galle is another urbanization and commercialization hotspot that contributes to the country’s economy on a high scale. In general, the tourism industry is the most predominant sector that can be seen in Galle except for its contribution to the country’s economy through fisheries products.

Tourism Industry in Galle

As you might surely know, there are plenty of tourist attractions in Galle. The Dutch Fort located in Galle is one of the main among them. Further, the Galle Fort Lighthouse and the Dutch Reformed Church also are major tourist attractions in Galle. Moreover, Galle houses a number of breathtaking and enthralling beaches. Unawatuna beach, Jungle beach, and Koggala beach are some of them. In addition, there are turtle centers that might startle you with wonder. The Galle National Museum is another place you must visit if you tour Galle.

Certainly, this is just a glimpse of what makes Galle a famous tourist attraction. Besides, they clearly prove that Galle happens to be a city in which the tourism industry is at its peak. Accordingly, the majority of the Sri Lankans residing in the vicinity of Galle, highly depend on the tourism industry. Moreover, it plays a major role in terms of drawing a substantial amount of foreign exchange and contributing to Sri Lankan economic growth. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if one says that the economy of Galle mainly revolves around the tourism industry. Still, the essence of fisheries in Galle has a significant impact on the country’s economy too.

Fisheries in Galle

Of course, fisheries in Galle is the main factor that showcases a real slice of the local life. Moreover, it is a fine spot to get hold of good quality fresh fish. Owing to this fact, fisheries in Galle tend to be a significant center that fulfills the Sri Lakan fish requirements, while acting as one of the best fish exporting spots on this island as well. Accordingly, the impact it has on the Sri Lankan economy is remarkable. Therefore, the fisheries in Galle is a must to be considered when paying attention to the economy of Galle.

4. The Elegant City of Negombo

Negombo is another significant coastal city located on the Western coast of Sri Lanka, and it is at the mouth of Negombo Lagoon. It is around 30 km away from Colombo and is in very close proximity to the Colombo Bandaranayake International Airport. Hence, there is a high probability that many tourists choose Negombo as their first destination on this island. Moreover, the range of accommodation facilities nestled by the golden shores and the charming lagoons offers tourists a perfect environment to spend a few days. Owing to these facts, as well as due to many other reasons, Negombo has also become an urbanization and commercialization hotspot in Sri Lanka. Let us now explore its significant highlights with regard. 

Population of Negombo

As Negombo is one of the oldest developed cities in Sri Lanka, it also has a large population. The commercially stable suburbs of the city, the tourism industry, and the fisheries have drawn a number of Sri Lankans to make Negombo their home. In addition, Negombo is a region where there is a very large number of Catholics comparatively.

Economy of Negombo

The economy of Negombo is primarily based on its fishing industry and its tourism industry. For ages, Negombo has remained very popular for its fishing industry. Anyway, thanks to its scenic beaches and other tourist attractions Negombo has been able to have a considerable impact on Sri Lanka’s economy. The following highlights are significant when considering the economy of Negombo.

  • Tourism Industry
  • Fisheries in Negombo
  • Bandaranaike International Airport
Tourism Industry in Negombo

No wonder you must be having good knowledge about the tourist attractions in Negombo. Yes, as you know, the picturesque beaches are what we can consider the best. Among all the beaches in Sri Lanka, apparently, all the visitors from all parts of the entire world regard Negombo beach as one of the most beautiful and enthralling beaches in the whole world. Maybe you are a business traveler, but you may need to have the luxury of indulging yourself in some relaxation in the city of Negombo. Then, the beach of Negombo is definitely going to be your perfect choice.

There’s no need to make a special note on how elegant a fishing site in the Negombo Lagoon is. Anyway, as Negombo is one of the oldest fishing regions in the country as it was mentioned earlier, you must surely make it a point to take a look at how they do fishing over here. Having seen it, there’s no doubt you would even love to experience it for yourself. This is just a glimpse. There are many other amusements awaiting you in the city of Negombo. All these factors collectively have been able to attract millions of tourists to this beautiful city each year.

Fisheries in Negombo

The unspoiled seas, lagoon areas, and fishing zones make Negombo one of the areas in Sri Lanka rich with varying fish species. Hence, it remains as a location that offers competition to private traders, and also as a key contributor to the fish exporting sector in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, the addition it makes to the Sri Lankan industry is certainly appreciable.  

Bandaranaike International Airport

Many might often call this the Colombo International Airport as it is the airport that links Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital to the outer world by air. Yet, it is in very close proximity to Negombo. So, having arrived in the country at the Bandaranaike International Airport, it would be a lot convenient for you to accommodate yourself in a hotel in Negombo as it is easily accessible. On the contrary, with the availability of the Airport Expressway, you wouldn’t have to spend more than 20 minutes even if you strongly wish to go to Colombo once you arrive in the country. It is up to you to decide!

Currently, there are other international airports in the country; Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport being another most important. Yet, the main international airport of the country is the Bandaranaike International Airport. It was originally built to cater to military purposes during the second world war, but later the airport underwent a series of constructions and developments and today serves as Sri Lanka’s main international airport. It also underwent some expansion projects recently and it is on its way towards a world-class airport. So, if you are coming to Sri Lanka this is where you would most probably land. It’s always better and wise to know better about where you’d land. Isn’t it?

5. The Alluring City of Trincomalee

Trincomalee which you might perhaps call “Trinco” is on the East coast of Sri Lanka, 260 km away from Colombo. The wonderful golden shores with blue waters that create perfect opportunities for several water activities make Trinco one of the most popular attractions on the island of Sri Lanka. Moreover, it also houses a good number of cultural and religious attractions as well. Apart from that, its major asset is the Trincomalee Harbour.

Population of Trincomalee

From ancient times, Trincomalee Harbour was a very special port in international trade affairs. Due to that reason, even Trincomalee has a high population density. Of course, it is a city that houses almost all groups of communities in Sri Lanka, still, Hindus in this city tend to be the majority.   

Economy of Trincomalee

Trincomalee Harbour being a unique natural harbor, this city has been a primary economic city from the days of the past. Historical resources say that basically due to the significance of the harbor’s natural establishment, there was a competitive situation among the European nations to invade Sri Lanka. However, it still functions, but it is comparatively less significant owing to the remarkable role of the Colombo Harbour.

Apart from that, the tourism industry of Trincomalee is the main facet that plays a major role in supporting the country’s economy.

Tourism Industry in Trincomalee

The tourism industry of Trincomalee is mainly based on its vibrant beaches. Among all those beaches, Marble beach plays a key role. Moreover, the Hot Springs of Kinniya is another most popular tourist attraction in Trincomalee. Trinco also houses a scenic Dutch Fort which is also a must-watch if you visit this part of the country. So, there’s no doubt, Trinco is another urbanization and commercialization hotspot in the country.

Still, the impact it has on the Sri Lankan economy is considerably low when compared with the cities such as Colombo, Negombo, and Galle. The main reason behind this variance is the range of accommodation facilities that Trincomalee houses. Luxurious hotels and restaurants are rare in this city, unlike in the other major attractions that we discussed. Hence, many tourists mostly spend a day or two in this city. Accordingly, the impact the tourism industry in Trinco has on the Sri Lankan economy is a bit low.

6. The Charming City of Jaffna

Jaffna is on the topmost Northern border of Sri Lanka and is around 390 km away from the city of Colombo. Of course, it was not that much of a tourist attraction over the last decades, owing to the  30 years of war that took place in the Northern parts of the country. However, following the end of the war, Jaffna is now flourishing as a city with a charm. Further, it is now almost an important urbanization and commercialization hotspot in the country.

Population of Jaffna

Although Jaffna became a war-torn area during the 30-year long civil war in Sri Lanka, after the end of the war was marked, Jaffna people started to return to their homes in Jaffna. Consequently, Jaffna has got a considerable population today. Anyway, the majority of the population are Tamils. Thus, it remains the cultural capital of Tamils, with significant variations in the lifestyles, languages used, dresses, and even food. Indeed, a visit to Jaffna would certainly bring you a culture shock!   

Economy of Jaffna

Jaffna became popular as a mercantile city from the time Sri Lanka was under European governance.

It still has a considerable impact on the country’s economy through its cultivations and other sectors including the tourism industry.

Cultivations in Jaffna

Indeed, Sri Lankan, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, was famous around the world as an agricultural country even in the past. Therefore, cultivation in Sri Lanka was never a wonder. Still, Jaffna being an emerging city on this splendid island, the cultivation in Jaffna certainly demands special attention.

Of course, all the paddy fields, and the states used for cultivations were all destroyed due to the war. Hence, cultivations in Jaffna today, are the total results of the tiring efforts of the Sri Lankans in Jaffna, and the authorities who supported this cause. Accordingly, crops like mango, grapes, and citrus are now being grown in these areas. They not only fulfill the demands of the country but also provide a good amount of crops for exports as well. Thus, the contribution that Jaffna makes to the Sri Lankan economy while being a developing state is indeed wonderful.  

Tourism industry in Jaffna

Apart from its cultivations, the tourism industry is much dominant in the city of Jaffna. Especially, its cultural and religious attractions, tours to Delft and Nagadeepa Islands, and the Jaffna Fort are main among those. Thus, many tourists worldwide make their way to Jaffna to witness their charms and ancient grandeur.

Indeed, still being a developing city, Jaffna contributes a lot towards Sri Lanka’s economy as an urbanization and commercialization hotspot, even though gambling is not so common out there. The limited range of accommodation facilities in Jaffna happens to be a major issue that makes its contribution a little less. However, Jaffna has a clear path ahead in the tourism industry. Thus, we believe that a significant increase in its contribution to the Sri Lankan economy can be expected in the years to come.


Indeed, Sri Lanka is not only for travelers who would seek magical wonders such as pleasant climate, amazing wildlife, scenic beaches, amazing cascades, but also a perfect choice for a business enthusiast and a gambler. Simply, Sri Lanka awaits to welcome you with something special and wonderful that you love. It is a magical paradise that covers every shade of your interests. All these facts, prove this again and again. So, if you had any doubts about how far Sri Lanka caters to the needs of a businessman or an investor, we believe that we helped you clear out your doubts.     

Now, you must be having a very clear idea about the urbanization, commercialization, and gambling hotspots in the country. Moreover, you should certainly be able to have a good idea about how these urbanization, commercialization, and gambling hotspots on the island impact the Sri Lankan economy as well. So, if you wish to visit Sri Lanka as a business traveler, well, it certainly will be a worthy tour for you. Even if you are a typical traveler who is counting days to backpack in Sri Lanka, still these details would help you plan your trip. However, a nice game of gambling amidst the hustles and bustles of urbanization and commercialization would give you a luxurious and top-class feeling. So, plan your trip and enjoy Sri Lanka!