The Sigiriya rock fortress, lake, and the greenery of the Sigiriya village, which is perfect for a village walk in Sri Lanka
Sigiriya Village, One of the Best Places for Village Walks in Sri Lanka

The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is rich with many scenic locations. From the gorgeous beachline to the green mountainous region, the country consists of many beautiful towns and villages. So, if you want to experience authentic Sri Lanka, you should never miss village walks. That is simply because a village is where the real Sri Lankan lifestyle stays.

Sri Lankan villages are simple and peaceful. In fact, the local charm mingled with nature gives out an absolutely soothing vibe. Besides, it is always met with appreciation for how villagers incorporate various aspects of nature into their lives. Thus, it will be an enriching experience for village walks in Sri Lanka away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city.

Owing to all these reasons, going on a village walk during your vacation in Sri Lanka, would be one of the best experiences. Here is all you need to know about village walks in Sri Lanka.

What can you Experience in Village Walks in Sri Lanka?

You can expect a lot of awesome experiences while walking around in a Sri Lankan village. It will be an experience like no other that you can get on a vacation in Sri Lanka. So, here are some such awesome things that you’ll be able to try during village walks in Sri Lanka.

1. Sri Lankan Life

Villages are important social institutions. Villagers have been living in their homes for generations sometimes. And most of the time, many villagers have relations around the village. So, one of the most important factors in Sri Lankan village life is their sense of community. Thus, the villages are the best places to experience Sri Lankan hospitality and sociability at their finest. You will feel at home while in a village.

Apart from that, many Sri Lankan villagers engage in agriculture as their livelihood. So, they play an important role in the country’s economy. Apart from that, mainly they engage in generational livelihood methods.

While the villages are not as developed as the urban areas, they lead more peaceful lives with the immense support of nature. Then, they also appreciate the traditional way of life more.

When it comes to transportation and cuisine, you will be able to identify some. So, likewise, during your village walks in Sri Lanka, you will be able to have a sneak peek into Sri Lankan village life at its best.

2. Sri Lankan Village Food

Sri Lankan food is simply special with its unique spice flavors. Thus, a Sri Lankan holiday without Sri Lankan food is simply a waste. Moreover, village walks in Sri Lanka without village food are never completed. Thus, this is one of the best experiences that you shouldn’t miss while you explore Sri Lankan villages.

After all, Sri Lanka is a country that exports the best spices to the world. Besides, as a tropical country, this country has fertile soil and rich vegetation that consists of many exotic fruits and vegetables. So, Sri Lankan food is always fresh and thus, mind-blowingly delicious.

What makes it more special is that you won’t be able to try many of these dishes anywhere else in the world. Sri Lankan villagers create many healthy and incredible dishes with the best spices and ingredients. Also, there are several famous dishes that you should absolutely give a try when visiting a Sri Lankan village.

Rice and curry is the staple food of Sri Lanka. Villagers create delicious curries to accompany this fresh rice. A dhal curry, fish or meat, vegetable salads. pol sambol, jack fruit curry, and fries are famous curries that bring out the delicious goodness of a plate of rice. Then, seafood also plays an important part in Sri Lankan village food. Altogether, Sri Lankan village food is very nutritious and tastes heavenly. So, don’t forget to have a Sri Lankan meal when you are enjoying village walks in Sri Lanka.

3. Traditional Farming

Agriculture is an important part of the Sri Lankan economy. Besides, the history of Sri Lankan agriculture runs back more than 2500 years. It was not just a livelihood as it also had a major impact on shaping the Sri Lankan lifestyle. So, agriculture is an important feature of Sri Lankan culture and religion.

Along with modern technological development, the methods of agriculture also have been developed and modernized in various ways. Yet, Sri Lankan villagers and especially, farmers still put more faith in the traditional methods of agriculture. Such organic farming methods have proven to be more sustainable even today.

Paddy cultivation is the most important in the Sri Lankan agricultural field as rice is the staple food of Sri Lanka. Villagers produce paddy and other food items that are essential for their daily usage and then sell the surplus in the local markets. However, there are many unique methods that farmers incorporate into farming. It will be an interesting experience to see how farming is conducted with such ancient yet effective methods. Since there are farming fields in almost every village in Sri Lanka, it should be included in your village tour as well.

4. Fishing

Since Sri Lanka is an island, fishing is also a main industry in the country. There are two major types of fisheries in Sri Lanka namely, saltwater fishery and freshwater fishery. So, Sri Lanka has always faced an abundance of various fisheries. Therefore, it is an important part of Sri Lankan cuisine as well.

Especially around the beachline, there are many fishing villages. Besides, there is a totally different and unique lifestyle surrounding these fishing villages. Inside the country also, there are some villages that largely depend on freshwater fishery. In such fishing villages also, you’ll be able to see how Sri Lankan fishermen use both traditional and modern methods in the industry. Observing their styles of fishing is indeed interesting. So, if you are interested in the field, you can also arrange a tour around a Sri Lankan fishing village.

5. Cooking and Enjoying a Traditional Meal in a Village House

Now, there are several villages in Sri Lanka that promote tourism. As a result, there are several activities that tourists can try in such villages. One such activity is cooking Sri Lankan food. So, if you are also a fan of cooking, you’ll be able to learn how to cook a Sri Lankan meal from the villagers.

There are unique and authentic methods of preparing a Sri Lankan meal. It will be a fascinating experience to witness and also try making a Sri Lankan meal using such special methods. Then, you will surely be a fan of eating for sure.

So, imagine preparing a traditional meal in a village house and then enjoying the delicious goodness from there. It will be an unforgettable experience for your whole Sri Lankan tour. Usually, you can find this activity in villages that are close to major tourist attractions. This is also a must-have experience if you are going on village walks in Sri Lanka.

6. Bullock Cart Tour

You may have used various kinds of vehicles as methods of transportation. But have you ever traveled in a bullock cart?

Bullock carts are available only in a few countries including Sri Lanka. It is one of the oldest methods of transportation. While modern vehicles have replaced such ancient methods of transportation now, there are still a few villages in Sri Lanka that use bullock carts. At present, bullock carts are mostly used to carry goods and for tourism purposes.

So, in some such villages, you will be able to go on a bullock cart ride. It will be a fun experience to travel around the village enjoying the views from a bullock cart. During your bullock cart tour, don’t forget to take some Instagram-worthy captures as well. However, keep in mind that bullock cart tours are only available in a few villages. So, if you love to have this experience, make sure you double-check its availability in the village you choose!

7. Cycling

Cycling is another cool way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of a Sri Lankan village. It is also the most eco-friendly way to have a tour. And yes, that is one of the most important reasons why you should choose cycling for your exploration.

It will be a mesmerizing experience to cycle through a Sri Lankan village enjoying the soothing breeze. Moreover, during your cycling tour, you can stop anywhere you like and explore the surroundings a bit or have a chat with a villager.

Now, there are several service providers that supply bicycles and other essentials close to villages that are popular for tourism. Some service providers even provide tour guides so that you can have a better idea about your tour. So, try to have a cycling tour to enjoy a Sri Lankan village from a different perspective.

What are the Best Places for Village Walks in Sri Lanka?

There are so many villages in Sri Lanka. Each and every village is unique in its own way but there are some very popular villages for tourism. Here are some such villages that you should give a try for a village walk tour.

1. Sigiriya

This is one of the most incredible locations to go on a village walk tour. This village is situated very close to the world-famous Sigiriya rock fortress. In this village, you can have the typical village experience. While walking through the village, you will be able to get a clear idea about Sri Lankan village life. Since it is situated very close to one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country, you will find Sigiriya to be one of the most hospitable villages that you will ever visit.

Many tourists love to go around the village by a bullock cart. Such traditional oxen cart rides and catamaran rides are very popular modes of transport in the Sigiriya area. Besides, agriculture is the primary source of income for many villagers in Sigiriya. So during your tour, you will be able to witness many paddy fields and even chena cultivations.

Then also, Sigiriya is a village with such a beautiful natural backdrop. Your village tour will take you to such natural sceneries where you can enjoy the views of wildlife, aquatic life, and plant life. In Sigiriya, you can also enjoy delicious Sri Lankan lunch and also get a demonstration of how it is made as well. It will be an unforgettable experience to enjoy the traditional meal sitting in a traditional household in the Sigiriya village. Altogether, this is one of the places where you can enjoy the full Sri Lankan village life experience.

2. Habarana

In Habarana, you can get a village tour focusing on the small village of Hiriwadunna. It is a beautiful rural village which is indulged in nature. It will be a brand new experience for you to go through this village which is mostly green. If you are also tired of busy lives amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, this tour will be perfect to recharge yourself.

Besides, you can go through the mud paths of the village to enjoy the lush scenery of the countryside. Moreover, the Habarana village tour will include a trip around an artificial lake. There will be many beautiful birds and butterflies around this freshwater body and villagers also usually go there for fishing and washing clothes.

On a Habarana village tour also, you can go on a bullock cart ride or canoe boat rides as well. Then, your tour will include a visit to a village house where you can explore a village garden. Here also, you can enjoy a traditional Sri Lankan meal cooked by a villager.

After all, this is one of those locations where you can enjoy the authentic Sri Lankan village experience. It will be very educational for you as well. Many tourists love to hire tuk-tuks to go around the Habarana village. 

3. Kandy

Kandy is one of the most popular cities in Sri Lanka. Literally, every tourist who is visiting Sri Lanka doesn’t forget to pay a visit to Kandy city. So, after exploring the majestic city of Kandy, you can also visit a nearby village. There are different types of traditions and cultures in different villages in Sri Lanka. So, you will be able to get a totally different village experience in Kandy.

There are many remote villages around Kandy. These beautiful villages are situated in the mountainous region amidst the beautiful natural sceneries. Thus, your journey to the village will be very exciting as you will be going on a small hike to see a beautiful remote village.

Besides, the diversity in the environment of a Kandy village is exceptional. There are pine forests, tea estates, small streams, jungle patches, waterfalls, small home gardens as well as spice gardens. So, you will be covering a lot within one village walk in Kandy.

Villagers are really hardworking in these mountainous remote villages. You can take a sneak peek into their daily lives during these visits. In a Kandy village also, don’t forget to try a delicious home-cooked meal. This will be an unforgettable experience that you can get in Kandy. 

4. Ella

Ella is one of the most trending tourist hotspots in the country. There are many tourist destinations to visit in the Ella area. Around Ella also, there are small villages that are ideal for a village walk. Specifically, these villages are the best to get a proper idea about the traditional village agriculture in Sri Lanka.

Since Ella is situated in a mountainous region, the farmers follow special traditional methods in their farming. So, your village walk in Ella will include a walk through the fields, that will make you observe their unique farming methods. You will also be able to taste some vegetables and fruits freshly plucked from these fields. Besides, you can taste home-cooked meals in a village house made with super fresh ingredients during your Ella walk as well.

One of the highlights of your village walk in Ella would be the incredible view. Ella is known for its natural scenery anyway. So, the village situated in the mountainous area also has such an eye-catching bird-eye view. The village houses are the perfect spots to have a relaxing moment as you can enjoy the scenic view at the same time as well. The climate is also soothing. After a fun day of visiting all the tourist attractions, you can arrange a homestay in Ella village to experience all of the above.

5. Kitulgala

This is another budding tourist attraction of the country. In fact, Kitulgala is well-known for its adventure water sports like white water rafting, flat water rafting, and waterfall abseiling. So, many tourists love to visit Kitulgala to experience these wonderful activities.

However, don’t forget to have a tour of Kitulgala village as well, since it will be one of the most special experiences that you can get there. Simply, it is one of the most beautiful villages in the country. Since it is situated in a wet zone, there is a rainforest vibe in the village. You will surely cross the Kelani river several times during your village walk in Kitulgala. 

There aren’t that many houses inside the Kitulgala village and thus, the natural beauty of the village is still very well preserved. Since the village is situated on the borders of the rainforest, it is also the perfect place for bird watching. Moreover, you can interact with the villagers during your Kitulgala village tour, and get to understand their unique lifestyle in this Sri Lankan village. It will be a totally different experience for you to have on your Sri Lankan vacation. Therefore, a village walk in Kitulgala is a must-have experience if you are visiting that area. 

6. Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is one of the most scenic cities situated in Sri Lanka. Its greenish mountainous region and the cool climes have earned it the title of ‘Little England’. However, Nuwara Eliya is a must-visit if you are visiting Sri Lanka as it is one of the best places to experience Sri Lanka’s hill country at its best. Thus, it will be a unique experience to visit a small village situated there.

These villages look very different from the other villages that we mentioned earlier. In these villages, you will be able to see many colonial-style buildings and buildings constructed according to Tudor architecture. This will make you feel like you are visiting a village in a European country. At the same time, you will observe how the tiny houses of the tea-pluckers located in rows near tea estates in certain areas give a different vibe to those villages.

Anyway, Nuwara Eliya villages are the best to have a relaxing walk, especially because its cold and soothing climate is really refreshing. An added bonus will be the sightseeing. Literally, every corner of Nuwara Eliya is just jaw-dropping. In fact, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent mountainous views during your walk. And then, you will be passing many lush tea plantations. In some villages, you can visit a tea estate to see how Ceylon tea is made as well. Hence, a village walk in Nuwara Eliya is the best way to just relax and get a unique experience.

7. Bentota Fishing Village

Bentota is one of the most popular beach towns in Sri Lanka. It is also a popular tourist destination. However, Bentota is mostly known for the fishing industry. In fact, many villagers of Bentota depend on the fishing industry as their livelihood. So, during your trip to Bentota, don’t forget to add the fishing village also to your travel list because it will be one of the most extraordinary experiences that you can get in the area.

Unlike the other villages mentioned in this list, Bentota fishing village is very busy and active almost all the time. If you visit the village early in the morning, you will be able to see these fishing boats arriving at the beach with their fresh harvest from last night. There is a unique and different culture and lifestyle in these fishing villages which is influenced by their livelihood. However, the gorgeous beachline and the views will come as a bonus to your visit. So, visiting a fishing village is also a must-have experience during your Sri Lankan tour.

8. Jaffna

After the three-decade-long civil war, Jaffna is now again gaining popularity as a tourist attraction. It will be an experience like no other to have a village walk in the Jaffna peninsula, mainly because the Jaffna community has a totally different lifestyle from the other parts of the country.

The large Hindu Tamil community leads a very peaceful life in Jaffna now. You will feel like you are visiting a village in South India while you are in Jaffna. You will be amazed at the colorful vibrancy of the Jaffna village for sure! Furthermore, you can visit some historical monuments and landmarks during your walk in a village in Jaffna.

Don’t forget to interact with the villagers there as they are very welcoming and friendly. You will be able to get a lot of interesting information from them about their unique lifestyle in the northern peninsula. You can also learn a lot about the Hindu culture and traditions there. In addition, you will be able to taste a delicious meal enriched with the ingredients and spices from Jaffna. So, if you are visiting Jaffna, remember to have a walk around the village there as well.

The Bottom Line

After all, a vacation in Sri Lanka will be an experience for a lifetime. Of course, there are so many fun and adventurous activities to do on this paradise island. Yet, it will be an enriching experience to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the country’s people. The best place to learn about a country’s culture is the village. Besides, even the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority has paid attention to improving the facilities in these villages. So, don’t forget to add a village walk to your Sri Lankan vacation. Happy and safe traveling!