A massage with herbal balls offering the amazing Healing Powers of the Ayurvedic Spas in Sri Lanka!
A Massage with Herbal Balls. Offering the Amazing Healing Powers of the Ayurvedic Spas in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is a tropical island that is home to a plethora of natural wonders. Thus, it has plenty of delights to offer to the rest of the planet. Of course, among the other unique features, the abundance of natural herbal plants available on the island plays a significant role. The historic interest in herbal remedies and well-being brought the island’s traditional herbal medicine knowledge to the forefront. However, Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine system that traces its roots for over 3,000 years in India. Meanwhile, with nearly 2000 years of Ayurveda therapies and cosmetology traditions blended with the Indian medical system, Sri Lanka is no beginner to reaping the benefits of nature to stay healthy and in good physical shape. Thus, an Ayurvedic spa in Sri Lanka is certainly the best place to nourish and heal your soul, based on natural ways.

History of Hela Wedakama, the Ayurvedic Medicine in Sri Lanka

Native Medicine of Sri Lanka, known as “Hela Wedakama” is a special Sri Lankan inheritance derived through years from a set of cultural-historical textbooks passed down through the ages. In fact, besides all common Ayurvedic medicines, Sri Lanka developed its very own folk medicinal method which is “Hela Wedakama.” Therefore, the Ayurvedic tradition in Sri Lanka is a fusion of Sinhala herbal medicine, mainland Ayurveda and Siddha systems in India, and Unani medicine in Greece through the Arabs. Furthermore, Sri Lanka is grateful for the fact that it was the first nation in the world to develop a system of hospitals.

Historic Aspects of Hela Wedakama

As you might already know, Hela Wedakama is a form of traditional therapy and wellness awareness. It focuses on both means of prevention and healing aspects. Moreover, Hela Wedakama recognizes the complete human body and its behaviour. The objective of Hela Wedakama is to gain the wellness of a human physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Indigenous herbal experiences and beliefs passed down through the years, are a culture-bound source of ancient wisdom. Furthermore, to represent Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage and traditional medicine, accurate pictures and stories are present.

Some assume that the “Hela Wedakama” period started with the great King Ravana. Since most authentic medicine experts often worship King Ravana and seek his consent before treating patients or producing medicines, this belief indeed makes some sense.

Besides, Sri Lanka has a wide range of herbs of which the worth is aware by people over several centuries. However, the response to Hela Wedakama and its treatment methods differ, based on the availability of naturally grown plants and the practice of methods coming through generations in various parts of Sri Lanka.

Historical Pieces of Evidence

By now, you know that Sri Lankan traditional medicine is a form of medicine that emerged in the early ages of Sri Lanka. Besides, Sri Lanka takes pleasure in being the globe’s first nation to establish a health service. In Sri Lanka’s historical sites such as Polonnaruwa, Medirigiriya, Anuradhapura, and Mihinthale, the ruins of what many say to be the world’s first chain of hospitals, could be visible. In addition, the following list shows the greatest historical writings related to Hela Wedakama, which were written during the early stages of Sri Lanka’s history.

  1. Sarartha Sangrahaya
  2. Vatika Prakaranaya
  3. Deshiya Chikitsa Sangrahaya
  4. Bhaissajjya Manjusa
  5. Oushadha Sangraha

Owing to the knowledge they share, the value of these writings are priceless. Still, it is mostly the traditional practitioners that are making use of these documentations on a great scale.

Ayurvedic Spa in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda and Naturopathy are ancient sciences, highly used to treat people needing treatment in the Indian subcontinent. Currently, since every individual’s life is even more chaotic, the requirement of not only physical but also emotional freshness is in need. Also, Ayurveda can be extremely beneficial in this regard. However, an Ayurvedic spa is a place that consists of numerous benefits like improving overall health and well-being by striking a balance between an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. Moreover, an Ayurvedic Spa is capable of making an individual relax in complete serenity while reviving the senses and eliminating everyday pressures with calming therapies.

Sri Lanka’s Ayurvedic Spa Services

When considering a spa, the first three places that come to one’s mind are India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

However, Sri Lanka has the ideal atmosphere to provide you with a mental break and an escape from the city’s hectic lifestyle. Considering, stunning mountain panoramic views or a beautiful sunset over the ocean, Sri Lanka is the spot to go if one is eager for some comforting time. Even though there are numerous accommodation choices available, Sri Lanka also has a range of wellness resorts, that focus primarily on one’s health and well-being. Besides, a number of places in Sri Lanka are popular for their stunning scenery and beautiful green forests, as well as for their spas and Ayurvedic healthcare facilities.

However, when focusing on wellness resorts and spa, Ayurvedic specialists out there may select the best therapy for each person’s health and well-being. They select it according to their desires from a large range of medicinal oils and Ayurvedic therapies. Each Ayurvedic spa in Sri Lanka provides the same conventional treatments to include improve wellness for the mind, body, and soul. However, they have their distinctive features, such as advanced therapies. At spas, one can indulge in the comfort of experienced Ayurvedic doctors with a choice of carefully selected therapies, available to provide a healthy living experience. Moreover, Ayurvedic therapies offered at the Sri Lankan Spas include conventional healing and preventive services. They, concentrate on energizing one’s well-being, based on decades of knowledge.

Importance of Ayurvedic Spa

Today’s fitness-conscious people are looking for cost-effective solutions to current medicine’s escalating costs and side effects. In this case, Ayurvedic treatments have emerged as a demanding requirement of the modern world. Sri Lanka’s traditional medicine, “Hela Weda”, fused with the traditions of Indian introduction over the years, modify to include traditional recipes and environments. Thus, not only locals but also a growing number of tourists flock to the island’s Ayurvedic hospitals, spas, hotels, and pharmacies. Sri Lanka was and still is a spot that rejuvenates the soul and spirit as well as the mind and body. Moreover, Sri Lanka holds numerous Ayurvedic centres that welcome locals and visitors. They have the chance to enjoy the advantages and amenities of the blessed native Ayurvedic environment.

For centuries, spas are prominent as centers of cure. However, back in the days, most native people of different countries flocked to the warm mineral springs. They were familiar with effectiveness in reducing pain and healing a variety of weaknesses. Spas today are no longer solely associated with thermal waters. But, they still offer comfort, restoration, and a spirit of renewed desire. Spas have holistic services such as massage, body treatments, and facials that enhance one’s overall well-being. Moreover, Ayurvedic spas highly benefit individuals, big life transitions such as separation and death, and common stress causes such as work pressure and family worries.

Ayurvedic Spa Packages in Sri Lanka

Ayurvedic therapies include several herbal treatments, different styles of baths, and massages. Moreover, it consists of cleansing and revitalization methods like yoga, meditation, and diet plans. In addition to Ayurveda treatments, other Eastern and Western treatments such as Thai massage, hydrotherapy, medicinal baths, reflexology, and skin treatments, are presently available in Sri Lanka’s spas. However, the following is a selection of the Ayurvedic packages in Sri Lanka that will offer you a greater overview with regard.

  1. Natural Wellness Programme
  2. Full-Board Ayurveda Programmes
  3. Panchakarma Programme
  4. Purva Karma
  5. Santani Recovery

If you are highly interested in Ayurvedic treatments, you will certainly need more information on these packages. Keep calm, because the following briefs would fulfil that requirement of yours!

1. Natural Wellness Programme

This program consists of a variety of packages namely soft Ayurveda, wellness delight, beauty care, health care, and much more. Further, these programs aim for the stress-relieving and calming of an individual. Moreover, they are created specifically for people who do not have any significant medical issues. A highly advanced program enhances attractiveness, promotes health, youthful skin, and delays the onset of signs of ageing. Ayurveda lecturers here, offer health tips, as well as yoga, meditation, music therapy, and an Ayurvedic cooking show.

2. Full-Board Ayurveda Programmes

This package offers two holistic hotel packages, beginning with comprehensive three-day programs. They include lodging at Sri Lankan hospitality, advice from professional physicians, and unique therapies ranging from massage therapy to music therapy and more.

3. Panchakarma Programme

This is a 10 to 30-day schedule produced in collaboration with Sri Lankan physicians. Panchakarma contains the important cleansing and detoxification treatments of Ayurveda. This process delivers a healthy living experience of preventive and curative conditions guided by the conventional healing method. It is done using five therapies, customized to one’s wellbeing.

4. Purva Karma

This package allows one to consider many exquisite therapies. These therapies use natural oils and paste to reduce strain and help revive the skin and rejuvenate the body. Furthermore, the Oleation treatment wherein the warm essential oils are applied to the skin is another beneficial treatment offered. The main intention of this is to relax muscles and nerves, to improve the lymphatic and circulatory systems. In addition, it focuses on nourishing the skin too. The Ayurvedic head treatment herbal oils, release tension and insomnia while strengthening the immune system.

5. Santani Recovery

Santani is suitable to support people who bore mental or physical suffering, in regaining a more stable and safe lifestyle. Many recovering from surgery, cancer, heart attack, or stroke, as well as those coping with emotional losses, will benefit from this completely tailored package.

Price Ranges of Ayurveda Spa in Sri Lanka

With the rising popularity of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka has built some luxurious Ayurvedic spas. Locals and tourists alike flock to Sri Lankan spas to indulge in the country’s unique and indigenous Ayurvedic treatments. However, Ayurveda spas in Sri Lanka offer a variety of packages. Their price may vary depending on the package, services provided, and location.

Price Variation depending on the Location of the Spa

When considering the price variation depending on the location of an Ayurvedic spa, the most expensive are the ones nestled in beautiful settings, either in a coastal area or by a mountainous surrounding with greenery. Besides, the spas that belong to star class hotels are obviously expensive than the rest, and luxurious in offerings as well. 

Price Variation depending on the Accommodation Facilities Provided

Some Ayurvedic packages include accommodation on Bed and Breakfast Basis. Meanwhile, some others include a single/double room with half/full board. Accordingly, the cheapest out of these options would obviously be the package that includes the Ayurvedic Treatments, and accommodation on Bed and Breakfast Basis. Next, the package with the Ayurvedic treatments and accommodation on half board basis would cost average. Moreover, the package with the Ayurvedic treatment and accommodation on a full board basis would cost the most out of them. Besides, many Resorts offer Ayurvedic Packages for several days as well. And yes, they would certainly cost higher, varying within a range of $400 – $1000. Further, these packages won’t just only offer you Ayurveda therapies. They would delight you with many other fascinations since many experts say that an ideal mix of Ayurveda therapies and a break happens to be more beneficial. 

Price Variation depending on the Services Provided

Also, another fact that decides the cost of a package is the service they provide. For example, some prefer traditional care packages. Meanwhile, some others prefer a package that includes Ayurvedic treatments for a variety of illnesses and ailments. Similarly, some choose to experience the comforts of an Ayurvedic spa, just because they need to take a good break from their hectic lifestyles, to relax and soothe their souls. So, the services required to cater for each of these differ from one to another. Thus, the packages that they offer depending on these services may highly vary in costs as well.    

Likewise, the costs of the Ayurvedic packages in spas in Sri Lanka may vary depending on a number of factors. Still, all of them hold with them a wide range of holistic advantages. One can reserve wellness treatments or massages online or instantly at the hotel. However, our recommendation is to book a package before your visit, in order to avoid any hassles that you might face when placing a booking on arrival.

Best Ayurvedic Spas in Sri Lanka

It is no secret that the spas offer an experience of authentic medicinal and curative restoration by merging old healing rituals with the proud tradition of Sri Lankan Ayurveda. Stated below are some of Sri Lanka’s premium spas.

  1. Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort in Wadduwa
  2. Ayurveda Shunyata Villa
  3. Ulpotha Yoga Holidays
  4. Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara in Beruwala
  5. Ayurveda Paragon Resort
  6. Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort in Weligama

All mentioned above are among the best Ayurvedic spas in the world, with qualified doctors and therapists. They are ready in offering personalized advice and treatments, customized to their client’s particular requirements. Moreover, proceeding one’s holistic Ayurveda adventure on vacation and experiencing it at one of Sri Lanka’s finest spas will allow one to develop a lifestyle that ensures, the vital stability needed physically, mentally, and spiritually. The following briefs about these places would further prove these facts to you.

1. Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort in Wadduwa

The Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort is set against an environment of beautiful green hills and pristine beaches on the Indian Ocean’s shores. It aims to include ancient medicinal and naturopathic methods for wellness retreats and body-calming therapies. The eye-pleasing setting of dark green flora complements the spacious bungalows. In addition, there is a vast array of cuisines present, from Chinese and Indian to continental. Local seafood and organic vegetables are available in this place. Besides, the Siddhalepa Family who manages this service is based on the ancient Sri Lankan tradition of Ayurveda that comes through generations.

Further, there is an exclusive Spa facility, led by a professional team of therapists and physicians out there. Every day of the week, a state-of-the-art Ayurveda hospital in Sri Lanka provides expert advice to both local and international patients. A group of well-experienced Ayurveda medical specialists provides a wide variety of therapies to patients, and they are famous for delivering personalized solutions along with personal care and attention. Moreover, this hospital is the only Ayurveda hospital in the country with a rotating panel of respected specialists. The fact that Siddhalepa uses all organic ingredients to manufactures 90% of the medication used in their therapies is a highlighting feature. Their ISO quality medicine became a trusted brand around the world. The reason was adhering to international norms and maintaining both protection and authenticity.

2. Ayurveda Shunyata Villa

Shunyata is an exclusive Ayurvedic spa authorized by the Sri Lankan Department of Ayurveda and the Department of Tourism. It is located just 65 kilometres south of Colombo. The village of Induruwa is notable for its pristine habitats and beautiful and serene beaches. When it comes to offering Ayurvedic wellness services, the resort is among the best in Sri Lanka. The main reason is the availability of well-trained, seasoned specialists and therapists on hand. The transition from the approximately 1200-sqm property to the sea is seamless, enabling one to dine in a tropical, comfortable environment. Furthermore, enjoying a meal under the shade of mangrove trees right on the beach is one of the best features of the villa. The sea is clear of stones and coral, making it ideal for a swim and ensuring hours of undisturbed pleasure.

Besides, the visitors highly value the resort’s harmony and the sincere friendliness of the employees. Moreover, this amazing Ayurvedic spa is the appropriate base for a beautiful vacation, relaxing wellness times, and professional Ayurveda treatments. The Ayurvedic Shunyata Villa takes environmental protection as a responsibility. Moreover, they use the highest quality of organic vegetables, ideally, taken from organic farmers.

3. Ulpotha Yoga Holidays

Ulpotha, also known as Paradise Village, promises tranquillity, charm, greenery, and quality of elegance. In the village, 22-acre organic farmland is visible, which houses a variety of lavish but simple and peaceful spa centres with quite convenient accommodations. An all-inclusive package of Ulpotha Yoga Holidays contains the following.

  • Lodging
  • All three meals
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Two Yoga sessions a day
  • A body massage per week’s stay
  • Planned forest hikes
  • The organization and transportation for a trip per week’s stay
  • Hot water bathing area
  • Laundering facilities

As this naturally beautiful environment is accessible and immediate everywhere in Ulpotha, and in a comfortingly healthy and unthreatening form, visitors tend to adore the endless enjoyment and deep health benefits of trying to connect with the natural world. Further, the place offers traditional rice and curries made out of goods grown in the region. In fact, Ulpotha’s cuisine is almost all vegan and gluten-free, with plenty of fruits and vegetables and organic red rice. Further, Ulpotha has 11 comfortable adobe guest huts, all constructed with old-fashioned wattle and daub. Moreover, the place consists of cosy beds, big mosquito nets, drawers, freshwater, towels, and a sarong to wear and take back.

4. Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara in Beruwala

Heritance Ayurvedic spa, located near Beruwala’s beaches, has recognition as a prominent hotel committed to providing natural treatments to its guests in a comfortable and peaceful setting. Its goal is to help people cope with stress, relax and rejuvenate while also enjoying the magical effects of Ayurvedic treatments. This Ayurvedic spa offers a peaceful environment for those who come for Ayurvedic therapies or to have a relaxing vacation. The rooms fall into various groups, but the basic amenities and adornment appear the same. It ensures a stylish and serene atmosphere within the room. Moreover, the hotel offers a wide range of services and facilities, as well as breathtaking scenery that delights the senses every time one looks out of the window. The spacious balcony is also ideal for Yoga or meditation.

5. Ayurveda Paragon Resort

Ayurveda Paragon Resort commits to provide holistic care and Ayurveda therapies with the aid of validated methods since 1996 and ranks one of the greatest health resorts in South Asia. Special mind-calming and soothing exercises, massages, and treatments are available to encourage health, regain fitness and provide complete rejuvenation. The furnished rooms in this amazing Ayurvedic spa include earthy tones and tropical colours in many of them. The rooms offer true solitude for any mind with their greenery and refreshing salty air. The on-site restaurant serves Ayurvedic specialities that are beneficial to one’s wellbeing in every way.

This Ayurveda Hospital is a popular destination for tourists from German-speaking countries. Moreover, it is famous throughout Europe as a top destination for authentic Ayurveda treatments. Ayurveda Paragon puts the healing force of Ayurveda to work for their clients’ health and well-being, which benefits from herbal therapies, thrilling massages, and the incomparable Panchakarma service. Also, it is a must note that all these are conducted under the supervision of senior Ayurveda physicians.

6. Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort in Weligama

The luxurious and exclusive Ayurvedic spa and wellness retreat centre, located near the Weligama village on Sri Lanka’s southernmost tip, intends to deliver a maximum rejuvenation of the spirit, body, and mind by the use of ancient Ayurvedic methods, meditation, and naturopathy therapies. In addition, contemporary architecture harmonizes with indigenous design to create a sense of connectivity and warmth. It allows the guests to understand the healing power of nature. The campus is over 15 acres of land and the flora includes many medicinal herbs and plants. The resort has a large team of therapists, physicians, yoga instructors, physiotherapists, and nutrition experts on staff. Even the local cuisine tries to meet the nutritional needs of the houseguests.

The Bottom Line

Conclusively, let us highlight that the Sri Lankan Spas provide a variety of Ayurvedic therapies while maintaining the traditional flavour and adopting modern techniques. Besides, they highly focus on balancing an individual’s mind, body and spirit by maintaining and encouraging good health, curing diseases, and boosting the overall quality of life. Moreover, Sri Lankan spas conduct an initial consultation with knowledgeable doctors and prescribe traditional Ayurvedic therapies, permitting the particular individual’s desires, for a restorative and revitalizing holiday. Owing to all these reasons, the Ayurvedic therapies in Sri Lanka are a luxury to be treasured.

Thus, if you are ever planning to arrive on this island, make sure that you do not miss visiting an Ayurvedic spa in Sri Lanka. The comforts, and the delight you experience there would be simply inexpressible. Happy and Safe Travelling!