The tall trees at the Kurulu Kele, the Beautiful Land of Greenery!
Kurulu Kele, the Beautiful Land of Greenery!

Sri Lanka is a country where you can blend with the natural surroundings. Especially, if you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, Sri Lanka should be on your bucket list already. There are so many natural parks on this paradise island and each one is different and beautiful in its own way. So, this article is about one such unique bird sanctuary that you can explore in Sri Lanka. Yes, it is none other than Kurulu Kele!

It is a nature park in the Kegalle district and it is very popular for its diverse bird population. The term ‘Kurulu Kele’ in English means the ‘birds’ jungle’. So literally, the name of the park itself highlights that this park is a safe haven for many types of amazing birds. Since it is not much mentioned among the other highly popular national parks of the country, many tourists miss it during their Sri Lankan tour. Still, it is an absolutely unique park which is so worth a visit. Hence, we thought of sharing with you about this wonderful land of greenery!

Significance of Kurulu Kele

This beautiful nature park, Kurulu Kele, is gaining much recognition now, especially among the local tourists. It was established as a major bird sanctuary of the country in 1941. The park spreads through 11 hectares and is famous for its variety of bird and plant species. Overall, this is one of the places where you can enjoy the country’s avifauna at its best. In Sri Lanka, the possibilities are endless for your tour. Hence, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss this wonderful park!

Pleasant Surrounding

While the main attraction of Kurulu Kele is its bird population, you’ll be left awestruck by its beautiful surroundings. Truth be told, it is a tropical paradise with endless nature views at its every corner. Just imagine looking for birds at this dreamy location!

Since the park is away from the usual hustle-bustle of the city, you can experience these soothing natural views peacefully. As you already know, the central highlands of Sri Lanka are very famous among tourists for their soothing climate and breathtaking views. And yes, Kurulu Kele is one such glorious location hidden in the mountainous heaven. If you prefer greenery and wetland views, you will love paying a visit to this place. So, these incredible views of the sanctuary are one reason why it’s the perfect place to start your escapade in the hill country of Sri Lanka.


Bird watching is an exciting tourist activity that you can try in several places in Sri Lanka. Among them, Kurulu Kele is a great place to observe different kinds of birds and enjoy the chirping sound everywhere. So, the majority of the tourists visit this nature park for bird watching.

As you might already know, Sri Lanka is home to 492 bird species. It includes 34 endemic bird species and migrant birds. And yes, this nature park is home to a wide range of those birds. So, you can go through the untouched forest trails of Kurulu Kele to discover the birds who dwell in their natural habitats. However, it is always more wholesome to see birds enjoying their lives at the natural abode rather than seeing them in cages. Thus, there is no doubt that this wonderful nature park is a safe space for the birds of Sri Lanka.

Pleasant Climate

You can expect a favourable climate in Kurulu Kele throughout the year. Indeed, this comforting tropical climate is ideal to travel through the forest patches of this charming area. However, Kurulu Kele receives a significant amount of rainfall as well. That’s what keeps the luscious greenery of this area at its best state. 

October is the month when it receives the most rain of the year. Moreover, it receives the least rainfall in January and February. Overall, there is a very short dry season out there. On the other hand, its average annual temperature is 25.2°C. So there’s no unbearable heat in this nature park. Yet, it is better to always keep an umbrella with you to face unexpected rain. As a whole, there is an amazing climate in Kurulu Kele to trek through the forested landscape.

Location of Kurulu Kele

Kurulu Kele is located in the Albert Senevirathna Mawatha of Kegalle. This is very close to the heart of Kegalle city. Due to its location close to the city, it is very easy to find this park. It is also a significant location of the lowland wet zone. Besides, the Sabaragamuwa province is popular in Sri Lanka as an area with many tourist attractions, and this is indeed one of them. Even though Kurulu Kele is not as popular as the other mainstream national parks of Sri Lanka, it is still a much-loved park in the Kegalle city that many love to visit.

How to Reach Kurulu Kele?  

Kurulu Kele is situated about 86 kilometres away from Colombo, the commercial city of Sri Lanka. So, if you are travelling from Colombo, you can easily take a bus from the Colombo Bastian Mawatha bus terminal to Kegalle. You will be able to reach the park within 2 hours. However, if you don’t like public transportation, you can arrange a taxi or a vehicle to Kegalle from the airport itself.

Furthermore, Kurulu Kele is quite close to Kandy as well. In fact, there is only a distance of about 39 kilometres between the park and the city of Kandy. So, if you are travelling from Kandy, the easiest option is taking a bus to Kegalle from the Kandy Good Shed bus station. This journey will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes. If not, you can also arrange a taxi or a vehicle from Kandy town to reach Kegalle.

Kurulu Kele is situated in an easy to reach location in Kegalle. So, it is never going to be hard for you to reach this park!

Best Time to Visit Kurulu Kele

Kurulu Kele is actually a year-round destination. Yet, it is better to avoid the monsoonal rain season to get a comfortable travelling experience.

Monsoonal rains usually occur from March to July and then in October and November. So, considering the climate and the behaviour of the birds, August, September, December, January and February are the best months to visit this wonderful park. Since there is quite a long trail in the park, try to visit early in the morning to enjoy your walk and see the most number of birds.

The Bottom Line

Kurulu Kele is an awesome park where you can observe a number of bird species while trekking through the nice and shady forest cover. However, prior to your visit, you have to take permission from the Forest Department and there is also an entrance fee.

Anyway, Kurulu Kele is a unique park that is quite similar to the Udawatta Kele in Kandy but much richer in biodiversity. So, if you are an environmentalist visiting Sri Lanka, you will be able to have a satisfying journey inside Kurulu Kele. This is a marvellous destination which is yet to be explored even by the local tourists. So, visit Kurulu Kele to have an adventurous journey in a secluded forest filled with birds. Happy and safe travelling!