A sanitizer bottle and a face mask, the necessities when Sri Lanka Re-opens for Tourists Abiding by the New Normal
Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

Sri Lanka’s pleasant tropical climate, dramatic golden shores, the stupendous array of wildlife, charming countryside, together with its rich cultural heritage, allured millions of tourists over the past years. Thus, it is never a secret that Sri Lanka tourism was at peak! Yet, the decline it faced recently could not be avoided. Of course, it was owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic that challenged the whole world. Obviously, this situation not only impacted Sri Lanka tourism, but also the global tourism industry as a whole. Many countries imposed restrictions on transboundary transportation and travel. Sri Lanka shut down its two international airports as well. However, what we are going to share with you today is simply a wonderful piece of news. Yes, Sri Lanka re-opens for tourists abiding by the new normal! 

Interesting, isn’t it? Of course, that is the reason why we thought of sharing with you about this! So, why not? Keep reading to get to know all about it! 

How Sri Lanka Gradually Re-opens for Tourists!

It was back in March 2020, that Sri Lanka closed its both the international airports at Mattala and Katunayake. The Sri Lankan Tourism Authorities planned to reopen them for tourists back in October. Still, the attempts failed owing to the spike in coronavirus cases during that period. However, as the world decides to traverse through an era of new normal, Sri Lanka has settled on a plan of action to welcome tourists back to this splendid island. 

Accordingly, the news of ‘Sri Lankan re-opens for tourism’ became a reality! The first group of International tourists after the coronavirus pandemic, arrived in Sri Lanka last Monday, the 27th December, 2020. Of course, it was as a part of a pilot project. Moreover, it was the tourist arrival for the first time in the past eight months, and the flight was from Ukraine. It landed at Mattala International Airport. Besides, this tourism project is to go ahead focusing on a bio-bubble. 

It is the Eastern Europe tourists that will mainly join this project to witness this brand new experience. However, a crucial doubt that came up with regard was whether there is a quarantine period for these tourists. Of course, a quarantine period takes place, yet it is not a typical ‘quarantine’ that anyone would imagine of. Of course, it would be one of the best fun filled time periods that the tourists can spend in a way that they like the most. Excited to know about it, isn’t it? Yes, it is worth getting to know. You can get to know all about it through the below sections. Yes, this is how it happens! 

Where can the tourists stay after arriving in Sri Lanka?

A group of luxurious hotels nestled along the coastline with golden shores are allocated for this tourism pilot project. So, once these tourists arrive in Sri Lanka, they are placed in these safe-certified hotel clusters. Thereafter, the tourists will have the freedom to enjoy their stay at these sun-kissed sandy stretches, for a week or two. And guess what? The time they spent likewise chilling by the wonderful beaches, and the hotels happens to be their quarantine stay!  

Following this stay, the tourists get the opportunity to visit a set of selected significant attractions on this splendid island. And the important fact to note is that all these things happen while being in the created ‘bio-bubble’. 

As per the information from the Sri Lanka Tourism Authorities, this pilot project will run till 19th January, 2021. Considering the results and the impact of this pilot project, the authorities will take necessary actions to resume normal flights dawning a new era for Sri Lanka Tourism.  

COVID 19 Sri Lanka Update and Prospering Sri Lanka Tourism!

According to the Sri Lanka Health Promotion Bureau, as at 3rd January, 2021, Sri Lanka had 44, 371 confirmed coronavirus cases, out of which 36, 717 were recovered. Deaths reported were 211, and active cases by then were 7,443. As a summary, Sri Lanka’s coronavirus recovery rate is around 73%, and the death rate is nearly 0.5%. Therefore, we can comparatively mention that the coronavirus situation in Sri Lanka is generally under control. 

However, tourism being one of the instrumental aspects of the Sri Lankan economy, the government is rethinking strategies to prosper it. Therefore, apart from this project, a number of projects including the wonderful virtual adventure saga, ‘Couch Safari’, is on the go. We highly believe that all these wonderful initiatives amazingly forge the tourism industry in Sri Lanka to prosper better and bolder.

So, why not? As Sri Lanka re-opens for tourism, join with these delightful experiences and witness the splendor of this fascinating island. Happy and safe travelling!