The wonderful white tall Ambuluwawa tower of Sri Lanka, standing high amidst the greenery
Ambuluwawa, the Wonderful Tower in Sri Lanka

There are so many unique and different tourist attractions to visit in Sri Lanka. One such place is Ambuluwawa. Simply, Ambuluwawa became an internet sensation quite a while ago. Therefore, it is becoming a major tourist attraction in the central province now.

If you are a fan of heights and mind-blowing bird-eye views, then this is definitely a place to go for you! You will feel like you are amidst the clouds from the top of Ambuluwawa.

It is also a culturally important location as it is the first multi-religious sanctuary of Sri Lanka. The forest reserve surrounding the Ambuluwawa tower is also an important biological complex. Therefore, it will be one of the most interesting locations that you can visit close to Kandy.

So, here’s all you need to know about Ambuluwawa.

Importance of Ambuluwawa

Ambuluwawa tower is open to the general public since the 16th of December, 2006. Then, prime minister, D.M. Jayaratne came up with the concept of building this wonderful construction. Since there is a Buddhist Stupa, a Hindu Kovil, a Muslim Mosque, and a Christian chapel, many consider this the first multi-religious sanctuary in Sri Lanka. Thus, it is a symbol of unity and harmony for the country.

The structure of the Ambuluwawa tower gets the most attention as it is a 48 meters tall conical structure where you can climb up to the top. On your way to the top, you will notice that the width of the stairs is decreasing as it is taking a spiral shape. The incredible 360° view from the top attracts a lot of tourists to Ambuluwawa. 

The surrounding view includes many mountains such as Piduruthalagala mountain, Bathalegala mountain, Sri Pada mountain, Knuckles mountain range, Nelligala mountain, Alagalla mountain, Kadugannawa mountain, Hanthana mountain, Hunnasgiriya mountain, the mountainous range of the Nuwara Eliya district. Besides, there are several observation decks in Ambuluwawa for you to enjoy the marvelous views. 

Then, the forest reserve of the Ambuluwawa contains around 200 plants that belong to 80 different kinds of species. Moreover, you can also explore its mountainous landscape on your way. So, owing to all these reasons, as a whole, Ambuluwawa is a destination that you shouldn’t miss during your trip to Sri Lanka. 

Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex

Anyway, Sri Lanka is famous as a country with much biodiversity. In fact, this country is rich in exotic flora and fauna. However, Ambuluwawa is among the areas which consist of more complex biodiversity.

In fact, Ambuluwawa is a rocky mountain that is built with a rock called ‘Inselberg’. Its soil formation consists of red or brown latezoic types. Many researchers conduct research in this area to study about the flora and fauna of the area. Accordingly, the reports reveal that the fauna of the area consists of 200 varieties of plants. It also includes highly valuable medicinal plants such as ‘iramusu’, ‘muva kiriya’ and ‘nawa handi’. Besides, a thick and uniformly spread green forest covers the mountainous area of Amubulawawa. Hence if you are a nature lover who loves to explore untouched nature systems, Ambuluwawa is a must-visit for you.

How to Reach Ambuluwawa?

Ambuluwawa is situated in Gampola of Central province, Sri Lanka. Also, this mountain stands about 3560 meters above sea level. However, in order to reach Ambuluwawa, you have to get to Gampola first.

Gampola is a city that is around 127 kilometers away from Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. So, if you are coming from Colombo, the easiest way is to take a bus to Gampola from Colombo. If not you can also take the train to Gampola from the Colombo Fort train station. Either way, you will be able to reach Gampola within 3 hours.

Also, Gampola is situated just 25 kilometers away from Kandy. Thus, if you are coming from Kandy, you can easily catch a bus or travel by train. It will take around 30 minutes to reach Gampola from Kandy. But if you don’t like traveling by public transportation, you can arrange private transport from Colombo or Kandy. 

Once you reach Gampola, there are about another 3 kilometers to the Ambuluwawa tower. So, if you are traveling in a private vehicle, you can go a certain extent of distance. If not, you can hire a tuk-tuk from Gampola. Anyway, you have to take a small walk as well to reach the Ambuluwawa tower.

How to Get Ready to Climb Ambuluwawa?

There is a moderately hard climb to reach the top of the tower. Even though there are stairs, it is quite hard because of the narrowness. So, it is better if you can take a slow walk up.

On the way, you will be able to take so many iconic photographs as well. So, don’t forget your cameras or the smart phones.

Besides, when you are reaching the top, you will notice that the stairs are getting narrower. So, if you are visiting on a crowded day, be more careful. If you want to avoid crowds, remember that Ambuluwawa gets the most number of tourists on weekends and holidays. However, if you have a fear of heights, it is better if you avoid going to the topmost area of the tower.

And also, don’t start climbing on an empty stomach. You will get tired as you climb. Also, try not to carry heavy stuff when you are climbing the Ambuluwawa tower.

How Much is a Ticket?

There is a small entrance fee prior to your visit to the Ambuluwawa tower. If you are a local traveler, the ticket is just 50 Sri Lankan rupees. If you are a tourist, the ticket price is around 300 Sri Lankan rupees. However, please note that these prices can change with time.

The money that they collect from these tickets is used as donations to maintain the complex.

The Bottom Line

The central province of Sri Lanka is filled with culturally and historically important tourist destinations. Thus, you will be left with countless options if you are visiting the upcountry of Sri Lanka. That is the simple reason why you should really consider visiting Ambuluwawa. This insta-famous location is so worth a visit mainly because of the incredible views. So, here’s your chance to add the location to your must-visit list in Sri Lanka. Visit it and feel the delight yourself. Happy and safe traveling!