The Name Board of the Ussangoda National Park
The Name Board of the Ussangoda National Park

Sri Lanka is the land of wonders. There is something exciting to see at every corner of the paradise island. The perfect weather, stunning locations, delicious food, and friendly people have made it an ideal location for a family-friendly vacation. Especially, if you are a nature lover, then Sri Lanka must be on your travel list. The 22 national parks in Sri Lanka scattered throughout the island are a major reason why we say so. Among them, Ussangoda national park is a brand new addition to the list. It is an extraordinary park in comparison to the other national parks. It is also famous as an archaeological site. So, if you love to visit strange places, add Ussangoda park to your bucket list and keep reading to get to know all about this wonderful place!

History of Ussangoda National Park

Ussangoda National Park is an interesting location with an enthralling historical story. According to the legendary stories, the history of the park goes back to the era of King Ravana. In fact, there are beliefs that King Ravana used this area to land his aircraft named the ‘Dandu Monara’.

Then, there’s also a more scientific explanation for the uncanny nature of this land. According to some scientists, Ussangoda was struck by a meteorite a long time ago.

However, the Department of Wildlife Conservation established this land as a national park in 2010 to conserve the biological, archaeological, and geographical value of the area.

Why Should You Visit Ussangoda National Park?

This park is a kind of lesser-known yet fascinating tourist destination. This awesome creation of mother nature is an eye-catching and peaceful place. Here are a few reasons why you should explore this unique environment in Sri Lanka.

Amazing Landscape

The park owns a land area of 349 hectares. In comparison to the other national parks in Sri Lanka, this is a quite small park. In addition, there isn’t much flora at the location, yet it is more popular for its unusual soil structure.

Most of the land area is filled with reddish soil and grass patches. It has been found that the soil has a high concentration of minerals and some areas are even more magnetic than usual. It is mainly a large flat area. Besides, Ussangoda park is mostly known for its different geographical formations. The different landscape creates such picturesque views which promise to give a divergent experience to all the tourists.

A Unique National Park in Sri Lanka

‘Unique’ is a really good word to explain the nature of the Ussangoda national park because of the remarkability of its surrounding area. You won’t see thick woods or a huge variety of wildlife in this park. In fact, there are grasslands, small shrubs, and especially, rare medicinal plants in this park. It is also home to different kinds of birdlife too. So it is more like a deserted golf course with such amazing views.

The geological and archaeological characteristics add so much value to the place. If you are into mysterious places or studying geography or archaeology, then this place will surely be worth a visit. Besides, the relaxing and calm environment it has is perfect to have a peaceful evening stroll.

Perfect for a Quick Safari

Usually, a safari in the wild takes a good amount of time. But if you want to have a quick safari in Sri Lanka, then Ussangoda would be an ideal location. This is relatively a smaller park with less diversity in flora and fauna. However, safariing through this eye-catching land is such an exciting experience. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to spot some wild animals and many birds as well. This is a very easy safari which will last for like 1-2 hours. So this safari is also suitable for little kids. Most of the safaris to the Ussangoda park are arranged through the nearby hotels.

Stunning Views Overlooking the Ocean

There’s a cliff at one side of the park overlooking the Indian ocean. This cliff leads to a white sandy beach. It is the most sought-after point in all of the park. The scenery from the cliff is absolutely breathtaking. The view at the sunset is just amazing along with the refreshing sea breeze. It is one of the most beautiful sunset views that one can see in Sri Lanka. If you visit Ussangoda national park, don’t forget to pay a visit to the beachside. Many find it quite difficult to discover that path to the beach. So, ask from a local or your hotel before visiting. However, it is not recommended to bathe on the beach due to deep waters.

Where is Ussangoda National Park Located?

Ussangoda national park is an iconic location in the Hambantota district, Southern province of Sri Lanka. The nearest main city to the park is Hambantota. The park is situated on the Colombo-Kataragama road close to the Ambalantota-Nonagama junction. It is a very easy to notice tourist destination on the Southern road.

How Do You Get to the Ussangoda National Park?

Ussangoda is located 230 kilometers away from the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. The easiest option to reach the park is to take the train from Fort station to Beliatta. Then, you can take the remaining distance to the park by bus or a taxi.

Another option is to take the bus to the Matara bus station from the Colombo Bastian Mawatha bus terminal. Afterward, you can take the remaining distance to the park by bus or a taxi.

However, if you don’t prefer public transportation, you can arrange private transport from the airport itself too. There’s an approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes journey to Ussangoda from Colombo. If you are traveling from Kandy, you can take the bus to Colombo from the Good Shed bus station and then go to Ussangoda by bus or train. There are private transportation options from Kandy too. This journey will take about 6 hours.

Ussangoda is situated just 35 minutes away from Hambantota via the Hambantota-Wellawaya road. It is easy to book a taxi or a tuk-tuk from Hambantota town to reach Ussangoda park.

Best Time to Visit Ussangoda National Park

Ussangoda national park is not usually crowded with tourists. It is suitable to visit the park throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the park is surely the time period between May to December. The average temperature during this period is about 28°C. Since the park is located in the dry zone, it is generally very hot in the daytime. So it is very difficult to travel in the scorching heat. It is better to travel early in the morning or in the evening but the sunset assures the best views.

Additional Information about the Park

This park is an easily accessible destination from Hambantota with parking space and there aren’t any entrance fees either. But the experience here will be so precious for sure. Ussangoda national park is famous for photoshoots because of its aesthetically pleasing sceneries. So, this is awesome for a budget-friendly tourist experience in Sri Lanka. Don’t expect an experience like in Udawalawe or Yala here as Ussangoda is also a national park but this will be a totally amazing, different experience too.

The Bottom Line

Ussangoda national park is a beautiful place with a mysterious vibe to it. So, consider paying a quick visit to the Ussangoda national park for an evening when you visit Sri Lanka. It is a never-to-miss experience on this splendid island. Happy and safe traveling!