A blue colour train Passing Tea Estates, a Wonderful Part of the Train Rides in Sri Lanka
Passing Tea Estates, a Wonderful Part of the Train Rides in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the smallest island in the Indian ocean is a magical place with bulks of enchantments. It is invisible in size yet highly visible when it comes to its content. That is why it has become such a country that the whole world is urged to explore. One of the best experiences that anyone can gain from this tiny island is associated with transportation. You can indeed find both public and private traveling modes in the country. Yet, train rides in Sri Lanka are the best. In fact, if you visit Sri Lanka, train rides should be an important point on your bucket lists!

Yet, why do we say so?

The train rides in Sri Lanka are the ideal way to travel around in order to get the best cross-culture experience that lies amidst these peaceful, hassle-free island grounds. This experience is available all around the country from Pedro point to Dondra point of the island. Hence, it is one of the mandatory including of any either local or foreign traveler.

The Most Scenic Train Rides in Sri Lanka

As mentioned above, the train rides in Sri Lanka are one of the dazzling experiences on the island. The best thing is that one can have that in any corner of the country. Hence, there are numerous routes around the country with dozens of trains with different fancy names. However, few of such routes positioned around the vicinity of hill country are the most beautiful lot among all. They are:

  • Colombo – Kandy
  • Kandy – Badulla
  • Colombo – Galle
  • Anuradhapura – Jaffna,
  • Kandy – Nuwara Eliya
  • Kandy – Ella

Continue reading to know more about the fascination of the train rides in the above routes.

Colombo-Kandy Train Ride

Colombo and Kandy are two main commercial cities in Sri Lanka. Hence, one can say that natural beauty is not indeed a thing in between these two cities. Yet, believe us, the train route between these cities is just amazing. In fact, you can always find streams of paddy fields, and beautiful natural settings among these two cities. At the same time, this ride allows you to witness the most sophisticated part of the country along with the signs of massive development. Further, this ride permits you to see the rurality of the urban areas in the country that never part ways. Not only that but also this will not take hours and is faster than traveling by the normal route. So the train ride between Colombo-Kandy is one of the easiest ways that the travelers find to accomplish their traveling objectives.

Also, this is one of the popular routes among the working crowd of these two cities. You can witness thousands of workers of different occupations if you travel in the mornings or evenings. Thus, it is better to plan your journey somewhere in the mid-day or night if you need a calm journey. This journey is all about a glimpse of the ordinary regular lifestyle of the inhabitants of the country. Therefore, make sure you grab this opportunity if you are traveling from Colombo to Kandy or vice versa. 

Colombo-Galle Train Ride

Colombo to Galle route lies by the seaside and it gives an experience that none of the other rides gives. Besides, it is one of the best beachside rides that one can have on this tiny island covered by the sea. In fact, this coastal ride gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience that stays in your mind for a lifetime.

Through the sideways sandy beaches, lines of coconut trees, and long-distance horizon views, this journey indeed is the best coastal view you can have within this country. Not only the views but the pure smell and fresh breeze of the ocean add more value to this experience. At the same time, the speedy, yet beautiful journey permits you to accomplish your tour objectives the way you planned it for a fair price.

Moreover, the few stops between the two stations give you a peaceful tour rather than a messy, crowded one. Choose one of the turns within the mid-day to witness all these beauties to the naked eye. This ride especially gives you an overview of what you are going to explore in Sri Lanka in detail.

Anuradhapura-Jaffna Train Ride

This journey is simply all about ancient significance and sightseeing. In fact, this train ride exposes you to another dimension of the country. Precisely to the Northern part of Sri Lanka.

This lays in the vicinity of the most ancient city in the country. The journey starts at the ancient Kingdom Anuradhapura, which has the most important historical details of the island. Then, it ends at Jaffna, the northernmost district of the country. Both the places have a strong connection with the proud history of Sri Lanka. Hence, this ride means a journey through history along with that atmosphere around you.

You will get to witness the ruins and remainings of ancient buildings, monuments, and sculptures sideways with the smell of anciency throughout. Thus, the journey will provide you with a sketch of what you are going to visit and discover.

The best time to take this ride will be morning. That is simply because both the sites are filled with places to explore with a lot of details. In order to tour around the cities, after reaching either the places by train, you can rent out a foot cycle, scooter or cab service according to your preference. Yet, the foot cycle will serve you right in both places. However, never forget that both these cities belong to the warmest part of the country. So, be prepared!

Above all, it will make your journey easier after getting down by train in these cities. So, make sure you take the train if you are willing to take a faster approach to the other end starting from any of these two cities. 

Kandy – Nuwara Eliya Train Ride

Kandy and Nuwara Eliya are two famous cities with a vast difference in the means of atmosphere. The train ride is the best way to feel this change, which is incredible.

The most important part of this ride is the path it lies on. Amidst the parades of trees, random waterfalls, small streamlines, vintage bridges, clear sky, and gloomy yet sensible weather, this ride takes you to another world where you will feel lost in the beauty. These cannot be witnessed when you are traveling by the main road.

Also, as you travel, climate change and the way it feels scheming through to your skin make you forget the surrounding world and live in a lost yet fabulous world. The speed of the train and the speed of the wind that passes through get blended and make it feel to you. Further, the transformation from the misty environment to a clear environment or vice versa lets you find the geographical diversity of the island. This ride specializes in the surrounding environment and its beauty. This 3-hour journey will be a welcoming phase for the fascinating destinations on both ends. 

Kandy-Ella Train Ride

This is the best train that one can have and must experience in Sri Lanka. The path it lies on is filled with endless greenery and naturalistic views. Thus, this ride kind of takes you to another world that you may have not seen before.

Starting from a little crowded city, Kandy it takes you into the calm environment which has nothing but nature and beauty everywhere. So towards the end of the journey, your mind will be filled with intensity and a variety of green colors. Lush tree plantations, yards of rolling paddy fields, huge tree canopies, streams of crop cultivations, and endless mountain views provide different shades of green and lush. Further, small streams, distant waterfalls, bridges, and dozens of tunnels will make your day a well-captured day as well.

Not only that but the climatic condition differs from phase to phase. Starting with a hot climate to the coldest environment and then once again to relatively cold yet mixed weather is another experience that you can get through this journey. However, since the journey is quite long, it is better to choose a panoramic view compartment, observation, or Air Conditioned first-class compartment in order to experience it to the fullest.

Besides, it is better to start the journey with the earliest train since it takes about half a day which also depends on the weather conditions en route. Bottom line is that if you are willing to go sightseeing in the best scenic area of the country with a number of hikes and trekking. So, make sure to start it with the same excitement from a train ride. In fact, this ride boosts your energy to another level by multiplying the excitement you are willing to take over at the destination. 

How to Book Train Rides in Sri Lanka?

Booking a ticket for train rides in Sri Lanka is never a hard task. You have multiple ways to make it done with help or without help.

If you are a traveler with a guide, who assists you in each and everything you do, let that person handle the booking process. If you are a person who backpacks on your own, you can choose either of the following options as per your preference.

The easiest and fastest thing you can do is to visit the webpage of Sri Lanka Railways and place your booking. The other way is to visit the railway station at the starting point of your journey and book the ticket at the counter there.

However, you should be very attentive about the starting point and ending point, time, and the type of compartment (class) you prefer. In both ways, you will find a list of turns and prices. Precisely, on the website, there are separate tabs for turns and prices whereas in the stations they are displayed somewhere near the counter. When making your booking at a station, you can do inquiries on trains and seats from the ones who issue tickets.

The most important thing when it comes to this subject is the availability of seats. The tickets are available for a month before the turn and it is better to make the booking as early as possible. Especially, during school vacations, festival seasons, and long weekends, the tickets are going out soon after they are opened.

Classes (Compartments) in Sri Lanka Train Service

The other most important thing that matters when making the bookings is the compartment. In Sri Lankan trains, there are three different classes. One is first class, which is luxurious with adjustable seats, curtains, a better view, and perhaps air conditioning. Then the second class, which is not luxurious as the first class, but only the seat count will be filled. Then comes the third class, which is for regular passengers. Using this information you can make your booking easily at any time you prefer.  

The Bottom Line

All in all, the train rides in Sri Lanka are an essential part of any of the tours that take place in this county. That is simply because they guarantee you an unforgettable experience with thousands of memories. Hence, if you are to witness the best of this island, make sure you experience train rides in Sri Lanka. It would certainly be a decision that you never regret. Happy and Safe Travelling!