The lake and the trees that make up the Scenic Setting of the Angammedilla National Park, the Hidden Wonder of Sri Lanka
The Scenic Setting of the Angammedilla National Park, the Hidden Wonder of Sri Lanka. Originally Angammedilla was a forest reserve within the Minneriya-Girithale Sanctuary.

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean is rich in natural beauty. The golden shores, amazing cascades, coupled with the lush greenery of the surroundings create fantastic sceneries on this splendid island. Besides, there are several wildlife sanctuaries, as well as forest reserves declared in Sri Lanka. All of them hold significant values, and their contribution towards preserving nature stability, as well as the wildlife is indeed immense. However, among them Angammedilla National Park is special. Though it is not a very famous national park compared to other famous national parks, the biodiversity of Angammedilla national park makes it an attractive place for both humans and animals. Thus, we thought of focusing this read on this hidden wonder of Sri Lanka. Continue reading and enlighten yourself!

All about Angammedilla National Park!

Angammedilla national park is a hidden forest reserve, as designated in 1998. From 6th June 2006, the park was newly included in the list of soothing national parks in Sri Lanka to protect the drainage basin of the shallow reservoir – Parakrama Samudraya. However, if the people want to be in peace, Angammedilla National park is the best destination. Thus, this is a park to enjoy solitude. 

Where is Angammedilla National Park Located?

The Angammedilla National Park is situated in the Polonnaruwa district, 225 kilometers away from Colombo, the commercial capital city of Sri Lanka.

Environment and Climate

Polonnaruwa is a dry area in the dry zone of the north of Sri Lanka. Because of that, Angammedilla National park holds seasonal changes in its environment and climate. That means according to the climate, the environment of the park changes from time to time.

During the dry season, the area is very hot without water. It affects the wildlife and habitats of the animals a lot. But during the rainy season, Angammedilla national park has a very cold and calm environment. 

With the heavy rain on the mountains, the forest reserve is successful in protecting the main rivers. In fact, Girithale and Minneriya irrigation tanks in the ancient city of Polonnaruwa benefit immensely from this.

Also, since this national park is located in an area with a combination of dry and wet climates, the vegetation of the area also grows as a combination of the dry zone and wet zone plantations. It is very much useful to the farmers who depend on this drainage. However,  the image of greenery and the coldness of the park usually make the visitors fresh and calm with the glittering sound of the water flowing during the wet season. 

Flora and Fauna

Since Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise, flora and fauna are the essential aspects of its environment. Thus, fauna and Flora are one of the major features of a park. Angammedilla National park is also home to a variety of flora and fauna because of the seasonal change.

During the dry run, Ceylon Ebony is the mostly seen plant in the forest that produces black wood. Apart from that, there are other plant species such as Vitex Pinnata (Milla), Manilkara Hexandra (Palu), Hadina cordifolia (Kolom), and Chloroxylon Swietenia (Burutha). The above commonly seen plants add natural uniqueness to the national park and it gives a cold atmosphere to the viewers. 

Apart from the plant species, the evergreen forest reserve is home to many animal species as well. Elephants are the permanent visitors of the area. Minneriya is famous as the Elephant Corridor but Angammedilla National Park is also a continuous visiting place for the elephants. Moreover, other wildlife species such as deer, large water buffalos, monkeys, Indian muntjac, and peafowls can be mostly seen in the park. Sometimes Sri Lankan leopards, junglefowl, sloth bear, and grizzled giant squirrels live around the water banks. And also, it is home to various butterflies, birds, and small insects. As a rare species, there are tufted grey langurs, purple-faced langur, and slender red loris.

This diversity of the atmosphere adds an extra flavor to the overall scenic beauty of the national park which enables it to increase its quality. It adds extra recognition to the entire ecosystem in Sri Lanka. 

Jeep Safaris at Angammedilla National Park

Deers on a path at the Angammedilla National Park, the Hidden Wonder of Sri Lanka
Deers at the Angammedilla National Park, the Hidden Wonder of Sri Lanka

When people visit a national park in Sri Lanka, experiencing a jeep safari is a must. In fact, going for a jeep safari provides one opportunity to witness the magical scenarios inside the park. Besides, since Angammedilla is an evergreen national park full of fresh air, visitors can always embrace the clean and cool air.

Also, one can see the wonderful movements of the habitats living in the Angammedilla National Park during a jeep safari. Besides, jeep safaris always follow the proper guidance of local guides. They always give accurate information about the area and the lifestyles of the animals in the park. They know the exact time the animals come out from the woods. So that visitors can properly and freely observe the magical movements of the animals and birds from a distance.

Besides, along with the jeep safari, visitors will get the unique opportunity to go trekking in the woods. Thus, they would get a chance to witness the dynamic plant species in the Angammedilla National Park. So, owing to all these reasons, we can clearly highlight that jeep safaris at Angammedilla National Park are simply delightful!

The Unique Opportunity for Photography at the Park

Photography is a unique activity everyone in the world prefers. It might be the tourists or the local people, photography holds great value when visiting tourist attractions. However, Angammedilla National Park offers a great platform for both skilled professionals in photography and non-skilled ordinary people. The scenic beauty with water resources and the rich wildlife can provide a great skillful capture to the skilled professionals in photography. They can use various techniques to promote the beauty of the national park artistically and differently.

Similarly, the captures of the non-skilled professionals in photography, are also very scenic and beautiful because the place is very much photogenic and eye-catching. When people visit the sanctuary, they can capture the closed pictures of the movements of the animals and the pictures of rare and iconic plants that are not famous. Through the photographs, the newly added Angammedilla national park can have significant publicity just as Yala National Park and Sinharaja Rain Forest. However, the hidden beauty of this national park is a precious gift for Sri Lanka that nurtures many people around it.  So it is a must to capture and recapture this iconic and wonderful nature creation. 

Tips for a Wonderful Experience at Angammedilla National Park

The best tip for everyone to consider before visiting the Angammedilla National Park is the weather condition. Choosing the wet season to visit the park is the best choice for those who want to see the evergreen forest as it is with water resources. Moreover, tourists can wear casual clothes considering the weather. And also, one can be mindful to take insect repellent and sun protection creams along with mobile phone cameras and video recorders when visiting this wonderful place.

How to Visit this National Park? 

People can use both public and private transportation methods to reach this national park. Busses and taxis are always available in the country to reach the district. It will be a one-day journey to visit the district. After staying in a beautiful hotel in Polonnaruwa, on the second day, one can visit the park via private vehicles, cabs, or taxis. Tuk Tuks are also available in the area.

What is the Suitable Time to Visit the Angammedilla National Park? 

As you might already know, Angammedilla National Park has a seasonal climate. Thus, the most convenient time to visit the place is during the dry zone just after the wet zone. Normally people consider the dry season as a very hot and not convenient period. But the real prosperity pops out this season where one can see the real beauty of the dry season in Sri Lanka. During the dry zone, visitors can see the dynamic and mesmerizing flora and fauna because they start to linger around the watering holes of the park.

And also, one can sight the enamored Sri Lankan elephants arriving to drink and play around in the water. But if one visits the park in the wet season, he cannot see the wildlife in the park. It is because of the monsoonal rains happening in the off-season in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, from May until the end of October is the low season. When considering the divisions of the two seasons, from May to June is the inter-monsoon season and from July to October is the monsoon season. Avoiding these periods to visit the Angammedilla National Park will get one an outstanding sightseeing in his bucket list.

Importance of the Conservation of Angammedilla National Park

When emphasizing the easily accessible location, the seasonal climate, and adaptable climate, the dynamic flora and iconic fauna, the mesmerizing wildlife, and the methods and distance to reach this valuable national park, it gives a deep need for everyone to preserve and conserve the natural sanctuary. In fact, the conservation of this precious gift is very important to the existence of both living and nonliving creatures of nature.

Further, its contribution to protecting the rich water reservoirs is indeed important. Moreover, protecting endangered plant and animal species is very much important to the existence of natural beauty. Besides, conserving wildlife promotes biodiversity for future generations. If so, the wildlife does not become a memory but a preserving factor for all the generations. So, considering all these reasons, we can mention that the hidden Angammedilla National Park is a must to protect to preserve a healthy and functional ecosystem. 

The Bottom Line

Above all, there is nothing wrong with considering Angammedilla national park as a god-given national park and forest reserve owing to its scenic beauty and soothing climate. Besides, the delight it offers to its visitors is impressive beyond words. Thus, if you still haven’t visited this land of greenery, visiting it is simply a must. So, what are you waiting for? Take a step ahead, and plan your next trip to this wonderful nature park. Happy and Safe Travelling!