The Boats on the Shores of Waikkala
The Boats on the Shores of Waikkala

The specialty of Sri Lanka as a tourist hotspot is that it is rich with eye-catching natural places all around the island. One such natural ambiance that one can find on all the edges of the island is the coastal area. Being an island, it is indeed surrounded by beaches. Yet, these beaches are naturally pretty and attract both locals and foreigners from all over the world. Almost all beaches around the country are natural and truly aesthetic. Among them, Waikkala is one such coastal village, located in the country’s far northwestern corner. Although Waikkala is not so famous area even among the locals, this coastal village is exceptionally beautiful and there are dozens of things to engage in if one visits there.

So, why not? Let us get to know more about this charming coastal town through this read. Continue reading!

What are the Best Things to Do at Waikkala?

While there are many things for you to do in Waikkala, we believe that the following would be the best!

  1. Having a City Tour
  2. Visiting Dutch canal
  3. Spending Time at Morawala Beach
  4. Tasting Local Food
  5. Touring around the Fish Market in Negombo
  6. Visiting St.Mary’s Church
  7. Exploring Hindu and Buddhist Culture
  8. Enjoying the Sunset at the Lagoon

Scroll down to get to know more about the delight of these activities!

1. Having a City Tour

Being a coastal city on the island, Waikkala has a lot of amazing sights to see. One can tour the city on foot or on a bicycle, as it is a small city that spreads across many miles. You can enjoy a ride alongside the ocean while being entertained by the city’s fantastic splendor.

Waikkala’s attractions can be found by taking a ride around the city and deciding which ones are worth further investigation. On the basis of that insight, one can arrange their trip to the city without having to worry too much about finding things to do. Although the town is not very well known in Sri Lanka, you are free to arrange your own tour based on any notes you choose.

To make the most of your days in Waikkala, we recommend taking a tour at the beginning of your trip. At the same time, it will give your journey a fresh start and acquaint you with the surroundings and culture of the city.

2. Visiting Dutch Canal in Waikkala

This is, to be very honest, not a typical attraction; to find this you have to explore a little into the territories of the city. This canal can be found right in the middle of the city and is a common sight there for the people. The city has grown up alongside the canal, giving the impression that a stream is passing through. This canal helps the city’s drainage and water-gathering systems operate without interruption. Visitors might be able to take a boat ride through this canal to see the city next to it. As per history, the invaders of the colonial era constructed these canals in order to drain the salts from the ocean water and make them useful.

The city’s atmosphere is enhanced by the canal, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a significant draw. So, why not stop over and have a closer look at it?

3. Spending Time at Morawala Beach

Coastal cities are all about the ocean, beaches, brisk ocean air, huge waves, and distant horizons. It would be a waste if you miss out on this opportunity even after entering a coastal city in the northwest of the island.

Every coastal city has beaches that are accessible to tourists and visitors, while some only exist in their natural state. This beach enables you to spend quality time unwinding. You will be mesmerized by the combination of nature created by the turquoise sea and the brown coast. Hence, if you are in Waikkala, it is worthwhile to stop by this beach.

4. Tasting Local Food at Waikkala

In Sri Lanka, one can find a multi-community culture since the country has inhabitants of several religions. Even the food culture of this country is aligned accordingly. You can find different food tastes and different food cultures from province to province in this country. And yes, they are simply worth tasting since they have the power of magnifying the delight of your trip.

Besides, street food and seafood dishes are indispensable when it comes to coastal towns on this island. Since the coastal towns get the freshest seafood, even the restaurants around focus on seafood dishes, which are rich with flavors. Apart from that, there are many street food stalls around the beaches, which the visitors always visit. So, enjoying the natural charms of the beach while tasting a few street food items will certainly create the perfect atmosphere, for a soothing time. Therefore, never miss this moment while you are exploring Waikkala.

5. Touring around the Negombo Fish Market

As you might already know, Negombo is another scenic coastal town on the western coast of Sri Lanka. Besides, the best thing is that Negombo is located just a few miles away from Waikkala. So, it is just a matter of a few minutes for you to visit Negombo, while you are in Waikkala. Therefore, you can easily visit the Negombo fish market while you are enjoying a holiday in the charming coastal town of Waikkala.

Even though there are quite a number of small-scale fish markets and fish stalls at Waikkala, a visit to the Negombo fish market is simply a must. The reason why we say so is that Negombo has one of the largest, richest, and busiest fish markets in Sri Lanka.

The best time to visit the Negombo fish market is in the early morning hours. It is the time when the fishermen return from the sea, with the freshest fish. Hence, you can observe how they unload their fish, pull the fishing nets, and make their sales with their unique styles. It is obviously one of the most unique experiences that you can gain in this beautiful town, and thus, will add a different vibe to your holiday.

6. Visiting the St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s church is one of the most famous catholic churches in close proximity to Waikkala. Many tourists owe to visit this place owing to the wonderful architectural values it holds, along with its cultural values.

Besides, it stands with grandeur closer to the Negombo beach. So, as you visit this chapel, you can also spend some time on the shores of Negombo as well. It would surely add a difference to your holiday, after spending quite a time amidst the shores of Waikkala.

7. Visiting the Munneswaram Hindu Temple

The city surrounding Waikkala is blessed with a multi-ethnic community. Hence, it not only houses Buddhist, and Catholic religious attractions, but also Hindu cultural attractions. So, visiting one of these Hindu shrines is one of the must as you explore the coastal town of Waikkala.

The Munneswaram Hindu Temple is located a few miles away from the city of Waikkala. It is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, and thus, many devotees, especially Hindus choose to visit this shrine for blessings. Moreover, this place is the best, during the Hindu festivities, such as Maha Shivaratri. Apart from that, Munneswaram Hindu Temple happens to be a tourist hotspot owing to the unique architectural values that it holds. The building structure, murals, as well as statues there add wonderful glamour to this shrine, creating wonderful sights for the visitors. So, don’t forget to visit this significant attraction as you explore the town of Waikkala.

8. Enjoying the Sunset at Lagoon

Indeed, one of the best free opportunities that you can enjoy at Waikkala!

By now, you already know that Waikkala is one of the most astounding coastal towns in Sri Lanka. So, imagine the rolling blue waves touching the sandy shores, during the sunset! And why not? The relaxing winds and the calming sounds of the waves surely add more to it. Hence, what else can you ask for, out of a beach holiday? And yes, that is the simple reason why we say that enjoying the sunset at Waikkala is one of the best things for you to do at Waikkala!

How to Reach Waikkala?

Waikkala is located approximately 45 km away from Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. The easiest method to reach Waikkala from Colombo is to take the Colombo – Katunayake expressway. This would help you to reach Waikkala in just within one and a half hours.

If not, you can take the normal route from Colombo via the Colombo – Puttalam main road, and reach Waikkala. Apart from that, you can even take a train to Waikkala, from the Colombo Fort train station.

The Bottom Line

A holiday in Sri Lanka is indeed special. Yet, a beach holiday would magnify the delight of your holiday. So, if you are planning for a beach holiday in this magical paradise of Sri Lanka, you can surely consider visiting Waikkala! The delights that it has to offer you are surely amazing and would help you to create a bunch of wonderful memories. Even the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has paid attention to developing this area. So, make sure you add visiting Waikkala to your bucket list if you are passionate about traveling. Happy and safe traveling!