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At present, it is surprising how various concepts invade the technological world and direct the way of working into new dimensions, just within a matter of a short time. Cloud computing was one such trend that emerged in the world, within the last decade. Cloud computing was all about using the internet, or rather a network of remote servers hosted on the internet, to provide IT resources to support tasks such as storage, management, and process. Parallel to this concept, Amazon came up with Amazon Web Services (AWS). That was with the intention of fulfilling the demand for cloud computing platforms, and APIs for users. So, they introduced AWS cloud solutions on a metered, pay-as-you-go basis. 

In no time, individuals, as well as companies working in the IT industry embraced AWS cloud solutions, as they benefitted them immensely. Owing to this very fact, AWS cloud solutions became a buzzing term in the world, as well as in the Sri Lankan IT industry. Hence, we thought of focusing this article on this trending topic. Continue reading to know about AWS cloud solutions! 

What is AWS?

As you already know, AWS means Amazon Web Services. As per the belief, AWS is the world’s most demanding cloud computing platform, and it offers over 200 fully-featured services. Hence, there is nothing wrong with mentioning that AWS is the leading cloud platform of the present world. 

Specialties of AWS Cloud Solutions 

As per the reviews of the IT experts, AWS cloud solutions are special owing to several main factors. Some of them are as follows. 

1. High Functionality and Adaptability 

One of the main reasons the users choose AWS cloud solutions is their high functionality and adaptability. The number of services that AWS provides simply proves this fact. At the same time, it is clear that the number of features that each of these services offers is also high. Hence, their high functionality is nothing to be doubted. 

Besides, AWS cloud solutions support a wide range of technologies, starting from storage, computation, processing, and databases, to the latest technologies such as machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Owing to this reason, the opportunities for the users to adapt to these cloud solutions are indeed high, and thus, they have high adaptability. So, accordingly, these AWS cloud solutions are guaranteeing their performance and cost-effectiveness through their high functionality and adaptability. 

2. An Expanded Community

When considering the users of AWS cloud solutions, it is clear that their user base expands from very small-scale project owners to very large-scale private and public sector enterprises and organizations. This allows AWS to own a large community covering all sectors, and countries, and this in return provides a guarantee of the quality of their service as well. 

Besides, owing to their expanded community, the users have a strong support system to rely on. Through such an expanded community, they can always find necessary support, and platforms for discussions. That is highly important when it comes to resolving issues in large-scale projects. So, that is also a reason for many users to opt for AWS.

3. High Security and Flexibility 

Amazon reveals that they have used a deep set of security tools, in a way that they can support the most security-demanding organizations such as military units, banks, etc. In addition, AWS supports 98 security standards and compliance certifications. Besides, the most significant feature is that the AWS cloud services offer the option to encrypt customer data across all their services. All these facts prove the degree of security that they ensure with their services. 

4. More Chances to be Innovative

As mentioned earlier, AWS cloud solutions have the capability of supporting even the latest technologies. Hence, the chances it offers you to be innovative and experiment with your new ideas are simply limitless. Besides, they also encourage even beginners to work confidently in areas like machine learning, which is indeed important. So, for all the users who aim at business transformation, AWS cloud solutions are the best beyond doubt to accelerate their innovations. 

Main Uses Cases of AWS Cloud Solutions

The use cases of AWS cloud solutions can be mainly categorized as follows. 


AWS cloud solutions offer long-lasting backup options for a fair cost. It is a policy-based centralized service that creates unchangeable backups with the intention of providing protection over accidental incidents. 


AWS has solutions to suit your varying needs. Also, their services make your work faster, more efficient, and affordable. 

Cloud Migration

AWS offers you services to help you easily migrate your applications and data. 

Cloud Operations

You can work safely on the cloud with AWS. 


Data archiving is never an issue with AWS cloud solutions. Let it be gigabytes or petabytes, and AWS would archive your data for you. 

Database Migration

AWS creates opportunities to migrate to fully managed, highly performing, and cost-effective databases. 


They help you with managing the basic structure of your project, despite the fact whether it is maintained on the cloud or on-site. 


AWS has the capability of supporting many of the analytics tasks ranging from data movement, data storage, data lakes, big data analytics, log analytics, streaming analytics, and business intelligence, to machine learning (ML). 


AWS is there to support the DevOps culture at the IT companies, which means the work practices of integrating the development and operations teams to deliver high-speed, and successful products. 

Content Delivery

AWS is powerful enough to minimize latency and maintain high transfer speeds in content delivery. 

Edge Computing

Helps to deploy APIs and tools to locations outside AWS data centers by using AWS edge services, as they enable data processing, analysis, and storage close to your endpoints.

Front-End Web & Mobile App Development

You can easily develop, deploy and operate your apps via these cloud solutions.

Web Hosting

AWS provides cost-effective web hosting plans via data centers worldwide. 

Remote Work Solutions

Offers you ample cost-effective opportunities for remote working. 

Machine Learning

Helps you generate deeper insights into your data sets easily and effectively with the help of these cloud solutions. 


These cloud solutions create your platforms to connect and manage a huge number of devices up to billions while collecting, storing, and analyzing those data. 

Hybrid Cloud

AWS provides you with amazing facilities to experience a consistent AWS experience, via the cloud, edge, or on-premises. 

Likewise, the use cases of AWS cloud solutions cover a vast scope. Also, they are not just limited to what we have mentioned here. After all, these use cases simply prove to us their great contribution to the field of IT and technology, in order to create a smarter world for future generations. 

Application of AWS Cloud Solutions

In order to choose the AWS cloud solutions that support your tasks, first you need to know about the fields and the tasks that they support. The table which follows will surely help you with it!  

FieldAWS Cloud Solution Types Available 
Advertising & Marketing Amazon Ads Insights Solutions
Audience Segmentation and Targeting Solutions
Contextual Analysis Solutions
Measurement, Attribution & Verification Solutions
Real-Time Advertising Solutions
Audience & Customer Data Management Solutions
Data Enrichment Solutions
Identity & Transcoding for Advertising Solutions
Aerospace and SatelliteGround Services Solutions
Smart Design & Manufacturing Solutions
Geospatial Analysis Solutions
Satellite Operations Solutions
Research & Exploration Solutions
AutomobileConnected Mobility Solutions
Autonomous Mobility Solutions
Digital Customer Engagement
SolutionsSoftware-Defined Vehicles Solutions
Manufacturing Solutions
Supply Chain Management Solutions
Product Engineering Solutions
Financial ServicesBanking Solutions
Payments Solutions
Capital Markets Solutions
Insurance Solutions
Medical and Health Science Healthcare Solutions
Life Science Solutions
Genomics Solutions 
Applications of AWS Cloud Solutions

Apart from that, there are a number of AWS solutions that can assist you with regard to the following fields as well. 

  • Education
  • Sports & Games
  • Manufacturing 
  • Retail
  • Travel & Hospitality

Also, it is important to note that the capabilities of using these cloud solutions are simply limitless now. Hence, their applications are not just limited to the fields and the solution types that we have mentioned. Therefore, if you are interested in finding out how AWS cloud solutions can help with your job, never forget to do research to identify the possibilities available. You will surely get surprised with your findings on how they could assist you! 

Besides, owing to the benefits of AWS cloud solutions, many IT companies, including Sri Lankan IT firms use them to successfully complete their projects. Of course, this fact would be clear to you if you visit the official website of LakMobile Technologies

The Bottom Line

Of course, you can be a novice to these AWS cloud solutions. Yet, we believe that this article helped you get an insight into what AWS is, the importance of AWS cloud solutions, its use cases, as well as the fields in which different types of AWS cloud solutions can be used. So, this is simply the head start, and you have much more to explore with regard. And yes, it is a very interesting topic to dive into. Besides, discovering their amazing benefits would surely delight you. 

After all, what we can mention in conclusion is that AWS cloud solutions are simply game changers. So, why not? Try them out, and complete your next project more securely, cost-effectively, and simply smartly!