The pool and the hotel complex, showing the accomodation facilities in Sri lanka
Accomodation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the tourist paradise that lies at the ending point of South Asia, always secures the top place among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its richness of biodiversity, ecosystems, water sources, flora, and fauna are definite reasons behind this popularity. At the same time, the balanced climate, weather, and atmosphere of this island make it a perfect paradise for travelers to spend a few days. Neither unbearable hotness during summer nor ice-cold atmosphere during the winter is here. Besides, the wonderful range of accommodation facilities here in Sri Lanka magnifies the delight of a holiday for any traveler. Hence, we thought of sharing with you all about the accommodation facilities in Sri Lanka, through this read. Continue reading!

What to Consider When Choosing Accommodation in Sri Lanka?

Of course, there are many things that you should consider when choosing accommodation in Sri Lanka, or even in any other country.

Certainly, as a traveler who aims at a comfortable stay, you should look into the availability of the principal sanitary facilities such as cleanliness, neatness, and freshness within the room and washroom. Mostly, if it is a one-night stay, you can ignore the fact of whether the meals are provided or not. In fact, if meals are not included in your accommodation package, you can always enjoy a delicious plate of Sri Lankan food from a nearby restaurant, hotel, or even a street food stall.

Then depending on your requirement, you may pay more attention to the availability of the following facilities.

  • The operation of hot water
  • A/C
  • Heaters
  • Inclusion of snacks and beverages
  • Pool access

However, you should carefully choose a secure location for accommodation, because after all, having a peaceful rest after a tiring day would be important. Besides, the basic facilities such as water and electricity should come to your attention.

If you are smart enough, you can first go through the packages that are posted on the websites and find the most convenient accommodation with considerably good facilities in a highly secured area. Reviews, and ratings, will always help you with a good decision. Still, don’t over depend on them. You can contact the places, get recommendations from the travelers who have stayed in Sri Lanka earlier, and make a good choice that satisfies both your pocket and heart.

However, keep in mind that prices and the ratings are changing according to the weight and the quality of the facilities and service!

Types of Accommodation Available in Sri Lanka

You may wonder why we are giving piles of factors to look into when choosing accommodation in Sri Lanka. Keep calm, we will explain to you why!

Sri Lanka is a major tourism center in South Asia, comprising uncountable options for accommodation. In fact, you have a good collection of accommodation facilities, and thus, there is a vast scope when it comes to choosing the best.

Let us present to you the types of accommodation available in Sri Lanka despite targeting a particular set of customers. The type necessarily differs with the facilities available and the quality of the accommodation, and maybe the size as well.

Here are the main types of accommodation facilities in Sri Lanka;

  1. Star-Class Hotels
  2. Other Hotels
  3. Boutique Hotels
  4. Boutique Villas
  5. Bungalows
  6. Guest Houses
  7. Heritage Homes and Bungalows
  8. Homestays
  9. Rented Apartments and Houses
  10. Camping Sites

Let us take you through each one of them along with the significance of their type, in order to make it easier for you to make a choice.

1. Star-Class Hotels

No doubt, each one of you is aware of the star-class hotels as this type is something common to any region in the world. Yes, it is not just for Sri Lanka. Yet, there can be differences when categorizing and granting the star class in Sri Lanka when compared with the others.

This star-class system is quite confusing since it depends on several factors. You must be very careful when choosing one as mentioned above. When it comes to Sri Lanka, within its territories you may find hotels rated from one-star to five-stars. The rating goes as follows.

  • 1 star: Primary/basic necessities
  • 2 stars: Simple and basic facilities with some extra
  • 3 stars: Larger, upscale hotel chains
  • 4 stars: Upscale and comfortable with many amenities
  • 5 stars: The most luxurious hotels with all the possible facilities

The pros of choosing any of the star-class hotels are that you will have all the basic facilities along with the security as well. At the same time, there is a guarantee of comfortability. On the other hand, the only con would be the price. Indeed, a star-class hotel will charge a higher price compared to others. However, if you are fairly rich and highly considerate about your comfortability and security during your stay, it is better to go for a star-class hotel.

In Sri Lanka, most of these star-class hotels lie either in commercial cities or coastal areas or amidst tourist attraction points.  

2. Other Hotels

Apart from the star-class hotels, there are other hotels available in Sri Lanka as well. The only thing is that you need to be satisfied with whatever the service they provide rather than expecting bigger things.

These types of hotels are available in every inch of the island along with a considerable amount of basic facilities. It is not that these hotels are not good for accommodation, but you cannot find any guarantee about them except the customer reviews and the website details. So, read through all the possible sources on them and find a place without going for a random place. These hotels are available in every other place where there is a possibility of needing accommodation.

The pros of choosing such a hotel are that the cost allocation for accommodation will be highly affordable and bearable. At the same time, there is a possibility of going for a price negotiation since these hotels are always expecting decent customers who have proper discipline. At the same time, the space and the freedom you get in these hotels are priceless. The only disadvantage you will meet is in the absence of a certified guarantee. Yet, you can always go through the official websites of the hotels and read the customer reviews in order to get a better idea and a value for your money. After all, the quality of your stay matters. So, always make a decision with a bit of research, especially, if you are making a choice among these types of hotels.

3. Boutique Hotels

There are some other types of hotels where you can find no more than 100 rooms, yet are luxurious. The vicinity of these hotels is less but the facilities and comfortability are high. In fact, all the basic facilities are available in these hotels, without any loop. Fewer crowds will make your stay more worthwhile. Also, since the number of rooms is low, you will get enough space and freedom to move around without any hassle. Your children will get a comfy stay throughout with the exact feeling of being home.

Besides, these boutiques are different from the other hotels that exist in Sri Lanka. In other hotels, there are only rooms, but in boutiques, there are suits. These suites are more spacious than rooms and they have kitchen areas, living areas, dining areas, pool areas, and outdoor areas. These suits are just like small houses that offer separate spaces for each client who reaches the boutique service.

The major advantage of reaching a boutique hotel is the immense space and the privacy you get. The disadvantage is only with the price, but it is fair when compared to the facilities these boutique hotels offer. At the same time when comparing the advantages, the disadvantage of the price becomes nothing. Always make sure to read through the customer reviews in order to get a reliable quality stay in Sri Lanka. After all, a better guarantee can come from a customer than anything.

4. Boutique Villas

Boutique villas are quite similar to boutique hotels; the similarity mostly comes with space and privacy. These villas look like hotels at a glance. Yet, they are separate house areas where one customer can get one villa for the whole family and maybe for more. This is an ideal place for family time, friends time, or a company day out since one villa can be your home for whatever period you desire.

Villas provide the space and freedom that no other accommodation can offer. In fact, there is no space for either interruption or hassle if you choose to make your stay at a boutique villa. Most of the time these villas permit you access to a private kitchen to prepare your favorite meals in your style. Moreover, you may even have the freedom to leisurely walk around, and indulge yourself in your favorite indoor and outdoor activities.

These villas are situated mainly in iconic and eye-catching places. So, you cannot find them in every inch of the country. Still, what you prefer will be at your foot, if you choose to be at a boutique villa during your stay.

5. Bungalows

When compared with the above-discussed accommodation types, the bungalows are different in shape and look. Bungalows are houses, one unit of the house with several rooms, one common living room, one common dining room, and bathrooms including attached bathrooms for each room. These are commonly found in pilgrim areas as usually huge families or collective groups of friends visit those places. 

The advantage of choosing the bungalows as your accommodation is that you get to spend time similar to home with the whole family in one place. Also, you have the access to prepare your food and engage in whatever activity you prefer without confining yourself to a room. Further, the space you get is priceless along with the privacy.

The only con you may encounter is that perhaps you will not get the luxury facilities like a pool, gym, or a sports complex.

6. Guest Houses

So far, we have discussed the spacious accommodation types. Here comes one of the less accommodating types, which is guest houses.

The guest houses in Sri Lanka are situated in the middle of cities. If someone says these are emergency sort of accommodations, there is nothing wrong about that. Why? Most of the time the hotels need pre-bookings to confirm your accommodation, but the case is different when it comes to guest houses. They are always ready to welcome guests into their space without any restrictions. Walking in through the door of a guest house means that you do not have to worry about the accommodation anymore. On the other hand, this is one of the cheapest accommodation types one can find within the territories of Sri Lanka. 

The only thing is that the guest houses comprise less number of rooms, perhaps less than 20. So that, if you are a huge group, the chance of getting accommodation in a guest house can be less. Other than that, a guest house may have the most basic facilities rather than all the luxury facilities that one will urge for. Therefore, before reaching a guest house just browse in and see if it has all the facilities you are expecting. 

7. Heritage Bungalows and Heritage Homes

The word heritage itself says that there is something different about these types of accommodations. These bungalows and homes have differences in appearance, glory, and elegance. These places are strongly connected to the culture and tradition of Sri Lanka, and maybe the history.

As you may already know, heritage is always something unique to a country. Likewise, these accommodation types showcase the traditional building structure of Sri Lanka that runs back to its ancient times. So, this is the best accommodation type for the ones who love antique things and looks. In fact, the antiquity of these accommodations is priceless and rare. 

A heritage bungalow or a heritage home looks like one unit of the house with all the basic facilities. These types of accommodations can be found in the areas that value the rural and historical features of Sri Lanka. The surrounding environment of these accommodations is rich with fauna and flora. At the same time, you may find a small stream or a water body around these places as an alternative to a pool. So, if you are a nature lover, this is the ideal type of accommodation you may find in Sri Lanka. 

8. Homestays

Homestays are a kind of commonly found accommodation type in Sri Lanka. These are not that spacious and luxurious but facilitate the basic needs.

Homestays mean staying in a room or part of an already accommodated house. It is like you are staying in one place along with its owners. These types of accommodations can commonly be found during festival periods. Most of the house owners allow the guests to spend several days in their private house. There you will have a separate room, separate bathroom, and perhaps a separate living area to accommodate yourself freely. 

The advantage of these accommodations is the warm hospitality and the feel of staying in a home. These are comparably cheap and convenient. You can go to such a place if you need immediate accommodation. And why not? Enjoying a homestay will create amazing opportunities to get to know about the Sri Lankan societal values, and family culture as well.

Besides, the homestay units that are registered at the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority can be checked through this link. Choosing one of them will add more sense of guarantee than making a random choice from the ones available on the internet!

9. Rented Apartments and Rented Houses

There are types of accommodations that are for rent. They have a separate owner, but the owners do not live in the same place.

These apartments and houses have all the basic facilities, perhaps with some luxurious facilities. They offer you a period and a monthly payment or day payment that needs to be paid as a rental. At the same time, they are getting a separate savings deposit and key money that are refundable at the end of the stay. You just have to contact them beforehand and decide everything before confirming your stay there. If you abide by all rules and regulations, you can have an uninterrupted stay that is worth your money. 

These accommodations let you spend your time freely and securely with your loved ones. Also, you can facilitate your food and you get to engage in any indoor or outdoor activity of your preference. On the other hand, some may comprise all the luxury facilities and some may not. That is the reason why you need to have proper communication with the owner before the confirmation. 

10. Camping Sites

Sri Lanka is famous for its natural richness and greenery. One of the major parts of this incredible nature is trekking and hiking. Hundreds of people engage in this outdoor nature activity once in a while as the satisfaction it offers is priceless. The only problem they encounter when going for a hike or an exploration is the accommodation.

That is why they came up with an enthusiastic solution which is camping. Camping means you are completely on your own. No one is there to provide you with needs and facilities, but you. You can identify these sites with the marks left by the previous campers and by instinct. So, if you are a nature lover and a person who loves to explore a lot, of course, you can choose camping at the places that you visit, especially, in coastal areas, and natural surroundings.

It is always better than a pre-decided luxurious accommodation. It saves your money as well as time. The only thing is that, as I mentioned above, you have to depend on yourself and look after yourself. Sleeping in a fully air-conditioned room is nothing when compared to a day amidst a huge forest or beside a waterfall or on top of a mountain in a tent. Therefore, a camping experience is simply a must, at least once in a lifetime!

How are the Room Rates in Sri Lanka?

Room rate is something that anyone should compare before choosing an accommodation. However, the room rates in any type of accommodation have huge variations. In fact, the room rate perhaps depends on the season or the level of demand. Therefore, the exact prices can be notional and always bargaining. So, make sure to find a place compatible with your budget or else confidently bargain even in a top-end place. Always keep in mind that it is your money that flows out, so give it value.

However, if you are an expensive person, choose a place with every facility without a loop. If you are a budget traveler, choose a place that gives the best offer with the maximum facilities. Do not be bait to money-minded accommodation owners. 

At the same time do not choose accommodation in one shot. Work hard, choose several places, compare the rates of each, bargain, and choose what is best for you. The other thing is to always be precise and clarify the charges or the breakdown of the price along with the additional charge if there is any. Always keep in mind that you are spending your money, not others spending it for you. Thus, be very careful and smart when it comes to the prices and rates of the accommodation. 

The Bottom Line

If you thoroughly read through this article, you will get to know how wide the range of accommodation facilities in Sri Lanka is. For you, there is always a place to stay despite your budget. So, the guarantee that Sri Lanka can give to any traveler is perfect accommodation that satisfies their heart.

So, when deciding on accomodation here in Sri Lanka, all you have to do is just to browse through and choose the best. Your choice matters, not whether you are rich, poor, or average.

Finally, let us highlight to you again that there is nothing for you to worry about accommodation here on this island. So, just pack your things and come down to Sri Lanka to spend an unforgettable glamorous vacation. Sri Lanka’s most popular smiling nation is waiting to welcome you with the greatest hospitality ever. Come and visit this spectacular island full of wonders. Happy and safe traveling!